Top 9 Online Therapy Competitors of BetterHelp


    In 2020, more than 28% of Americans couldn’t get the mental health care they needed, often because they lived in areas without enough therapists. That’s why BetterHelp caught our attention with its vast network of over 30,000 therapists spanning all 50 states and over 200 countries. BetterHelp makes it easy for almost anyone to access talk therapy. But while BetterHelp stands out, there are other online therapy services worth considering to fit your lifestyle. Here are the top BetterHelp competitors you should explore!


    Studies show that couples counseling isn’t only for tough times—it can also benefit any romantic relationship by boosting communication, trust, and closeness with your partner. One of the most ideal alternatives to BetterHelp is ReGain, especially if you’re searching for professionals that specialize in intimate relationships or focus solely on relationship therapy. You can join alone or with your partner, or start solo and bring your partner in later, making ReGain a top pick for all kinds of relationships.


    When you’re new to therapy, you might not be sure what type you need. For instance, if you’re dealing with relationship problems and feeling depressed, you might wonder if individual or couples therapy is best. Or if you’re anxious, you might not know if you should talk to a therapist or a psychiatrist. That’s where Talkspace shines: it’s a place where you can get all kinds of virtual mental health help. They offer individual therapy, couples therapy, therapy for teens aged 13 to 19, and psychiatry. Plus, they specialize in care for veterans and the LGBTQ+ community.


    Many people in the United States struggle with anxiety and depression, with around 40 million adults facing anxiety-related issues and 17.3 million dealing with depression. That’s why it’s smart to have a mental health service that focuses only on treating these conditions. Brightside is a great choice because it provides therapy and helps manage medications for anxiety and depression in a way that’s easy to access and affordable.

    E-Therapy Cafe

    Many people skip therapy because it’s too expensive, and sadly, more and more people can’t afford it. About 42% of adults with mental health issues couldn’t get the help they needed because it was too expensive. That’s why E-Therapy Cafe is an alternative to BetterHelp that’s highly recommended as the most budget-friendly option from this list. Even though it’s a small company, it’s working hard to make therapy more affordable. It also offers discounts, accepts insurance, and provides financial aid, making online therapy with E-Therapy Cafe cheaper and easier to get.

    LifeStance Health

    Everyone’s needs in therapy are different. For instance, if you’ve recently had a baby and you’re feeling down, your needs might be different from someone who’s been struggling with feeling sad since they were young. That’s why LifeStance Health is also an excellent option, with its therapists covering a wide range of specialties. Plus, it helps people of all ages – kids, teens, adults, couples, and families. It accepts many insurance plans, offers psychiatric help, and provides both in-person and online therapy.


    Access to psychiatric services and medication management is really important for mental health and overall well-being. But here’s the problem: about half of the counties in the U.S. don’t have even one psychiatrist. That’s where Talkiatry comes in as one of the cheaper alternatives to BetterHelp.

    They offer online psychiatry services, which means you can connect with licensed providers in your state without having to travel far. Talkiatry makes medication management easy and affordable. What’s cool is that they give you a list of psychiatrists they think might be a good fit for you, but you get to choose who you want to work with.


    Getting talk therapy on your own can be pricey, reaching up to $200 per session. That could mean shelling out $800 a month or more if you need to see a psychiatrist and buy meds too. This can be too expensive for many people, especially considering the typical household income in the US.

    Even though the Affordable Care Act helped make using insurance for mental health easier, not all therapists take insurance because of the loads of paperwork and low payment rates from insurance companies. That’s why Teladoc is handy: it accepts 60 different insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.

    Little Otter

    In the U.S., one out of every five kids deals with mental health issues, but it’s hard for them to get help. That’s why only about 20% of these kids actually get the treatment they need. There just aren’t enough therapists for kids, especially in places where mental health services are already scarce. Even online, most companies only help teens.

    But that’s why Little Otter is an outstanding alternative that focuses on helping kids by providing therapy and psychiatry services for children from birth to age 14. Plus, it offers family therapy, counseling for parents, and coaching for parents too, taking care of the whole family’s mental health.

    Therapy For Black Girls

    Mental health problems can affect anyone, no matter their age, gender, background, race, or ethnicity. But getting treatment isn’t always fair. For instance, many Black people don’t seek therapy because it’s expensive, they feel judged by their therapist, they’ve had bad experiences with the healthcare system, or because of the stigma attached to mental health issues.

    Fortunately, Therapy for Black Girls is one of the many options that provide lots of resources, like podcasts and blogs, to make therapy less taboo. Plus, it has a big directory of over 800 Black therapists across the U.S. and Canada. It’s easy to search through, so you can find a Black therapist near you who offers individual, couples, or group therapy.

    Find the Best BetterHelp Alternative from the List of Competitors

    For those seeking mental health support, explore the range of options available to find the right fit for you. From online therapy to specialized services for specific demographics, there are resources to help address your needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards prioritizing your mental well-being today.