Flighty Review: What You Need to Know About this Flight Tracker


    For frequent flyers, dealing with the common occurrence of flight delays and cancellations can be a hassle. Enter Flighty, a flight-tracking app that aims to simplify the chaos. This Flighty review seeks to assist you in deciding whether to embrace this app or give it a pass. Flighty claims to be the solution to the perpetual challenge of staying on top of flight itinerary changes. It promises to alleviate travel stress by anticipating delays and delivering real-time updates both on the ground and in the air.

    The app asserts its ability to provide timely and accurate flight information, offering a unique edge with pilot-level data. The question remains: can Flighty truly enhance the air travel experience and outshine competitors like App in the Air? Let’s delve into whether it lives up to its promises and stands out in comparison.

    What is Flighty?

    Flighty, a travel and flight information tracking app, offers a convenient way to stay updated on your flight details. This mobile application pushes concise and comprehensive alerts to your phone, notifying you of crucial changes such as flight cancellations and delays. Beyond the basics, Flighty provides detailed information about your flight, including the aircraft’s age, destination weather conditions, and estimated taxi times. The app comes in two variants: Flighty, a free version available for download on smartphone app stores, and Flighty Pro, which requires a subscription.

    Flighty Pro is worth it because it offers additional features like live inbound plane tracking, FAA delay alerts, arrival forecasts, gate assignments, baggage claim information, and other travel details. It’s worth noting that, as of now, Flighty is only accessible to iOS users, with Android users unable to enjoy its benefits.

    How does Flighty work?

    Flighty offers a unique 25-hour live tracking service that delivers accurate flight information right before departure, conveniently displayed on the lock screen of iPhones with iOS 16.0. The app ensures you’re continuously informed about the latest developments, such as flight diversions and delays, even using free in-flight WiFi to provide real-time data while airborne. Particularly beneficial for travelers in the USA, Flighty integrates FAA traffic management alerts, offering a level of accuracy that often surpasses that of other similar apps.

    User input is central to its functionality; based on the details you provide, the app sends prompt push notifications regarding any changes in your flight schedule. These notifications are not only timely but also customizable, giving users complete control over the type of alerts received on their devices, thereby streamlining the travel experience with personalized and accurate flight tracking.

    You get notifications for the following:

    • Updates to gate assignments, flight schedules, and delays
    • Aircraft alterations, current status, and incoming planes
    • The path of the flight before and after it takes off
    • Details about when the flight is arriving
    • Other important information, such as delayed arrival, baggage claim, and belt number

    What are the differences between Flighty and Flighty Pro?

    Below are some distinctions between the free and paid versions of Flighty:


    • Access a complimentary app that provides you with real-time weather updates and live data, giving you the latest information on the go.
    • Enhance your convenience with lock screen widgets, offering quick glimpses of crucial details, although the refresh intervals are limited.
    • Keep track of your journeys effortlessly with a personal flight log, access your FlightyPassport, and an intuitive application (ap) designed to cater to your specific needs.
    • Dive deep into the specifics of your flight route data, offering you a comprehensive view of your travels and making your journey planning more informed.
    • Explore the past with ease using the app’s historical flight lookup feature, allowing you to effortlessly retrieve information on your flights from the past 365 days. Enjoy the benefits of a tool that empowers you with up-to-date information and a personalized record of your aviation history.

    Flighty Pro:

    • Receive instant notifications directly to your device.
    • Track your flight with a comprehensive 25-hour pre-departure monitoring service.
    • Get updates on FAA-induced delays directly as they happen.
    • Accurately predict your arrival time with advanced forecasting tools.
    • Effortlessly forward relevant details via email integration.
    • Stay updated at a glance with live widgets on your lock screen.
    • Sync your flight schedule seamlessly with your calendar for better organization.
    • Obtain detailed estimates of taxi times for more precise planning.
    • Integrate with TripIt for streamlined travel itinerary management.
    • Utilize advanced arrival forecasts to plan your time efficiently.
    • Get ahead of potential delays with proactive predictions.
    • Track the real-time position of incoming flights for better coordination.

    How much does it cost to?

    The Flighty app offers a basic free version available for download on smartphone app stores, but its full range of features is unlocked through a premium subscription, Flighty Pro. This subscription is priced at $5 monthly, $50 annually, or a one-time fee of $250 for a lifetime subscription. To provide users with a taste of its premium offerings, Flighty Pro is available for free for your first flight, allowing you to experience the enhanced features before committing to the paid service.

    Flighty vs. FlightAware

    Tailored specifically for you, Flighty distinguishes itself by focusing solely on the needs of airline passengers, setting it apart from the broader scope of FlightAware, which was created to track various aircraft types. Flighty’s design is strategically crafted to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of individuals navigating the complexities of air travel. By honing in on the passenger experience, Flighty ensures a more personalized and streamlined approach, addressing the unique challenges and priorities that accompany airline travel. Embrace a travel companion that is finely tuned to meet your needs and enhance your journey in the skies.

    Make Traveling Easier with Flighty

    Ready to transform your air travel experience? Download Flighty now for a seamless, stress-free journey. Whether you opt for the free version or decide to enhance your travel management with Flighty Pro, you’re setting yourself up for a more informed and efficient journey. Say goodbye to the uncertainties of air travel and embrace a world of real-time updates, comprehensive flight tracking, and personalized notifications—all in the palm of your hand. Don’t wait; take control of your travel today with Flighty and elevate your flying experience to new heights!