15 Highest Paying Agriculture Jobs for Those with Degrees


    Agriculture provides numerous income-generating opportunities, thanks to the growing integration of technology in farming and agricultural businesses. This trend has resulted in a broad spectrum of job openings in the industry, ranging from scientific and technological roles to business and management positions. With the diverse range of opportunities available, individuals from various backgrounds can discover rewarding careers in agriculture. This article aims to highlight some of the highest paying agriculture jobs, offering valuable insights to assist readers in researching and identifying a suitable career path within the agricultural sector.

    What are some of the highest-paying jobs in agriculture?

    Start your career with some high paying agriculture jobs below. We’ll also list the salary for each agriculture job:

    Farm manager

    Farm managers, with a national average salary of $48,093 per year, play a crucial role in supervising and guiding farm operations. They’re among the high-demand jobs in agriculture, with responsibilities that include assigning tasks such as planting, fertilizing, and harvesting to farm staff. Beyond labor management, they handle budgeting, procure materials, and cultivate relationships with vendors and clients.


    Foresters, with an average salary of $48,380 per year, play essential roles in conservation, land management, and rehabilitation. Their duties involve developing, planning, and implementing projects to protect and sustain the environment. This includes monitoring wildlife habitats, assessing agricultural impacts on wildlife, suppressing wildfires, and performing conservation tasks to safeguard wildlife, ecosystems, and agricultural land.

    Agricultural specialist

    Agricultural specialists, earning an average salary of $53,298 per year, are Customs and Border Patrol professionals focused on enforcing U.S. import policies for agricultural products. These officers, trained in identifying and managing agricultural threats, work to locate and mitigate potential issues before they enter the country.

    Water treatment specialist

    Water treatment specialists, earning an average salary of $53,916 per year, oversee installations, monitor the operation of water purification and filtration equipment, and manage water distribution and storage processes. Their key responsibilities lie in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of drinking water and water resources.

    Food technologist

    Food technologists, with an average salary of $55,804 per year, engage in researching and assessing the chemical, biological, and physical components of food products. These agricultural professionals play a crucial role in developing safe methods for processing, packaging, and distributing food products for companies to deliver to consumers.

    Environmental scientist

    Environmental scientists, earning an average salary of $65,048 per year, utilize the scientific method and their expertise in ecology, biology, and related fields to safeguard the environment. Their primary responsibilities include aiding in the restoration of polluted areas, advocating for wildlife habitats, and contributing to the research and development of agricultural practices that minimize harmful impacts on the natural environment.

    Water resources engineer

    Water resource engineers, with an average salary of $66,888 per year, specialize in developing and designing new systems and equipment for water resource management facilities. Their primary responsibilities include implementing systems that ensure communities have access to a clean water supply, as well as monitoring and enhancing equipment and systems for optimal performance.

    Operations manager

    Operations managers in the agricultural industry, earning an average salary of $67,149 per year, play a crucial role in directing, planning, and coordinating operations on farms and agricultural sites. These professionals typically lead and supervise staff involved in tasks such as planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and transporting crops and other agricultural products.


    Ecologists, with an average salary of $69,561 per year, contribute significantly to environmental conservation. Their primary responsibilities involve studying and analyzing ecosystems and the environment, with a focus on identifying optimal approaches to land conservation and preservation in the context of agricultural activities.

    Agronomy manager

    Agronomy managers, with an average salary of $79,709 per year, serve as sales and management professionals in the agricultural industry, catering to customers like farmers and commercial food growers. These professionals provide guidance and advice on agronomic products, including fertilizers, soil nutrients, seeds, and other agricultural items.


    A grower or farmer, with an average salary of $80,983 per year, is an agricultural professional tasked with planting, raising, harvesting, and distributing crops for consumption, animal feed, and medicinal purposes. Their responsibilities include maintaining farms, monitoring crops to prevent diseases, and ensuring optimal nutrition to produce safe products for distribution.

    Agricultural equipment technician

    Agricultural equipment technicians, earning an average salary of $86,919 per year, specialize in working with farm machinery. Their responsibilities involve handling modern and technological equipment, including assembly, operation, and maintenance tasks. Additionally, they may contribute to equipment design projects as part of their role.

    Agribusiness manager

    Agribusiness managers, with an average salary of $96,184 per year, are business professionals dedicated to managing agricultural businesses and organizations. Their primary responsibilities encompass business analysis, financial management, marketing, and employment-related aspects of agricultural enterprises, ranging from farms to nurseries.


    Veterinarians in the agricultural industry, earning an average salary of $112,070 per year, collaborate with ranchers and livestock producers to oversee animal health and deliver medical care. Their duties frequently involve disease and pathogen prevention, administering vaccinations, and conducting routine examinations and treatments for livestock.


    Biostatisticians in agriculture, with an average salary of $145,184 per year, focus on analyzing and implementing strategies derived from statistical studies on food growth, production, processing, and consumption. Their work involves researching and analyzing information related to food and livestock production, aiming to develop approaches that contribute to supporting public health.

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    Join a lucrative and fulfilling career in agriculture, a sector brimming with diverse and high-paying opportunities. Whether your interest lies in farm management, environmental science, agronomy, or veterinary services, agriculture offers a path that aligns with your skills and passions. With roles spanning from technical to managerial, and a focus on sustainability and innovation, this field is not only financially rewarding but also crucial for our planet’s future.