Top 8 Aviation Colleges in the US


    This article lists the best aviation colleges in the United States, focusing on their facilities, what they teach, and how well graduates get jobs. These colleges have a good reputation and could be where you start your aviation journey. Wondering if an aviation college is right for you? 

    Choosing the Top Flight Schools in the US

    Deciding to become a pilot is a big step. Good for you! Now, you’re faced with a choice: do you go to a regular flight school or an aviation college? In a flight school, you’ll mainly focus on flying practice, likely getting your pilot’s license quicker. But you might miss out on the broader knowledge and industry connections. On the flip side, aviation college offers a more thorough experience. You’ll learn about aviation laws, weather, and more while also working towards a degree.

    Plus, college programs often provide structured training, resources, and career opportunities. Having a degree could also open up more job options, especially with big airlines. Yes, college is pricier, but it sets you up better for a lasting aviation career. So, think about your goals: if you want a well-rounded education alongside flying, go for college. But if you’re itching to start flying ASAP, traditional flight school might be your best bet.

    Top Aviation Colleges in the US

    Purdue University

    At Purdue University, you’ll be part of a lively aviation community with top-notch facilities, including its airport, Purdue University Airport (KLAF). This airport isn’t just for flying; it’s also where aviation tech students learn and experiment. The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology offers various programs like professional flight, aeronautical engineering technology, and aviation management, combining technical knowledge with hands-on practice.

    With small class sizes, Purdue provides personalized instruction both in class and during flight training. Plus, Purdue has produced famous aviation graduates like Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan, showing its strong reputation in the industry.

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    University of North Dakota

    UND’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences is famous for its outstanding aviation programs. Students get top-notch flight training and learn about a wide range of aviation topics. They fly high-quality planes in different weather conditions, which adds an extra challenge. UND has a big fleet of over 120 planes, one of the largest in any civilian school.

    You can choose from various aviation degrees, like commercial aviation, aviation management, and unmanned aircraft systems, to match your career goals. Besides studying, there are lots of aviation clubs and groups to join for a fun college experience. With UND’s great programs and diverse opportunities, it’s an excellent place to learn and earn your aviation degree.

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    Embry-Riddle offers a mix of theory and hands-on training, covering business, technology, and safety in aviation. They have modern planes and flight simulators for high-quality training. You can choose from various degrees like Aeronautics, Aerospace Engineering, or Aviation Business. And being located by the beach means lots of good weather for flying practice. If you want a well-rounded aviation education in a sunny place, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University could be just right for you.


    University of Oklahoma

    At OU, you’ll find a hands-on aviation program that combines classroom learning with practical experience. The College of Aviation offers a Bachelor of Science in Aviation with a focus on flying and management. A standout feature is the Max Westheimer Airport, which belongs to OU and serves as a hub for students.

    The university plans to update its aircraft fleet with brand-new planes by the end of 2023, making it one of the newest in this list. There are also student groups for aviation enthusiasts to join, offering extra learning and networking chances. OU graduates have succeeded in many aviation fields, showing the program’s quality.

    Western Michigan University

    WMU’s College of Aviation is among the biggest in the country, offering three tough degree programs: Aviation Flight Science, Aviation Technical Operations, and Aviation Management and Operations. They provide top-notch training tools, like a fleet of over 50 planes and advanced flight simulators. With 26 high-tech Cirrus SR20 planes, a King Air, and 10 Piper Seminoles, WMU’s fleet is up-to-date and ready for action. Graduates from WMU have landed jobs in various parts of the aviation world, from big airlines to government agencies and aerospace firms.

    Kansas State University Salina

    KSU Salina’s Polytechnic Campus is a place where innovation thrives, especially in their aviation program, which offers courses in professional piloting, aviation management, and unmanned aircraft systems. It’s also a more affordable option compared to others on this list, giving you good bang for your buck. Plus, the aviation campus and housing are just a short walk from Salina Regional Airport, making it convenient for students. With over 340 flyable weather days each year, your flight training won’t be held up by bad weather often.

    Elizabeth City State University

    ECSU’s Aviation Science program offers various areas of study, like flight education, Air Traffic Control, computer science, and aviation management, allowing students to specialize in their interests. They have top-notch flight simulators and planes for training at Elizabeth City Regional Airport. ECSU is also unique for having the only four-year air traffic control program in North Carolina, which is a big plus for those aiming for this career. Graduates from ECSU’s Aviation Science program have found success in both private and commercial aviation fields.

    Utah Valley University

    What makes UVU’s School of Aviation Sciences special is how affordable it is. Their Aviation Science degree programs are priced competitively, making top-notch aviation education within reach for many students. UVU stays up-to-date with modern technology, outfitting their planes with the latest Garmin avionics for students to train with industry-standard equipment. Plus, the university’s location in Utah provides diverse landscapes and weather conditions, giving students a well-rounded flight experience.

    Earn Your Wings in the Best Colleges for Aviation

    Ready to take flight? Explore the best aviation colleges in the US and kickstart your journey to becoming a pilot. From top-notch facilities to diverse degree programs, these schools offer everything you need to soar in the aviation industry. Whether you’re drawn to the thrill of flying or the intricacies of aviation management, there’s a program waiting for you. Don’t let your dreams stay grounded; find the perfect school and take off towards a bright future in aviation.