15 Stores That Accept Check Payments Online & How To Do It

    what stores accept check online

    In the age of digital ease, the landscape of shopping online has transformed how we obtain products. With the plethora of payment options available, the process has become seamless. However, what if you prefer the traditional method of paying by check? Is it still possible in the digital landscape? In this article, we will delve into the realm of online stores that not only accept checks but also guide you through the process, providing a convenient bridge between the past and the present.

    Can you pay online using a checking account?

    The simple answer is yes. Although credit cards and digital wallets are prevalent in online transactions, numerous stores acknowledge the lasting attraction of checks. This underscores their dedication to catering to varied preferences. The difficulty lies in comprehending the mechanics of this process, and this is where our guidance becomes essential.

    How do I pay online using a checking account?

    Paying online with a checking account offers the convenience of traditional payment methods in a digital landscape. There are two primary methods: e-checks and traditional checks.


    Linking to PayPal

    • Link your checking account with PayPal.
    • Opt for PayPal as the preferred payment option when checking out online.
    • Authorize secure transactions by furnishing your bank’s routing number and your account number.
    • Enjoy a seamless and efficient way to make online purchases.

    Electronic Checks

    • Make use of e-checks, operating in a manner akin to traditional checks but undergoing electronic processing.
    • Provide your bank information during the online checkout process.
    • Authorize the merchant to debit the specified amount from your account.
    • Experience the benefits of faster transaction processing compared to traditional checks.

    Traditional Checks

    Mailing Checks

    • Some online stores still accept traditional paper checks.
    • Select “Pay by Check” upon checking out.
    • Follow the provided instructions to mail a physical check to the specified address.
    • Ensure timely submission to prevent order cancellations and validate your purchase.

    Understanding these methods empowers you to choose the one that aligns with your preferences and comfort level. Whether you opt for the speed and efficiency of e-checks linked to PayPal or the traditional approach of mailing a physical check, paying online with a checking account provides flexibility and security. Explore these options during your online shopping journey and enjoy the freedom to transact in a way that suits you best.

    15 stores that will accept check payments online:

    1. Amazon.com

    • Method: ACH-enabled US personal checking accounts linked to PayPal.
    • Process: Add checking account details during checkout on Amazon.

    2. Target.com

    • Method: Link a checking account to PayPal for online payments.
    • Process: Wait for five days for PayPal verification and proceed with transactions.

    3. Bloomingdale’s

    • Method: Link your checking accounts to PayPal for streamlined payments.
    • Process: Choose PayPal at checkout and confirm the payment.

    4. QVC Online Store

    • Method: Mail a paper check.
    • Process: Choose “Check/Money Order” at checkout, and mail the check within 10 days.

    5. Best Buy

    • Method: Pay using an e-check without PayPal.
    • Process: Provide the e-check number during the purchase.

    6. Abercrombie & Fitch

    • Method: Link a checking account to PayPal.
    • Process: Use PayPal at checkout and confirm the transaction.

    7. Vistaprint

    • Method: Pay using an e-check via PayPal or by mail.
    • Process: Ensure a valid e-check number for smooth transactions.

    8. Macy’s

    • Method: Selecting PayPal at checkout with a linked checking account.
    • Process: Confirm payment through PayPal.

    9. Nordstrom

    • Method: Paying via e-check.
    • Process: Obtain the e-check number from your issuing bank and provide it at the checkout portal.

    10. Overstock.com

    • Method: Paying using an e-check without PayPal.
    • Process: Verify the e-check number with the bank before placing the order.

    11. eBay

    • Method: Use a physical check for in-person pickups and an e-check via PayPal for online transactions.
    • Process: Varies by the seller; choose personal check if the option is available during checkout.

    12. Wayfair

    • Method: Use a physical check, an e-check, or PayPal.
    • Process: Use PayPal or pay by check when you checkout. Wayfair holds check payments for 15 days to allow for processing.

    13. Williams Sonoma

    • Method: e-check via PayPal.
    • Process: Choose PayPal at checkout and finalize your payment securely.

    14. AliExpress

    • Method: e-check via PayPal.
    • Process: Use PayPal as your payment method when you checkout on AliExpress.

    15. Appliances Connection

    • Method: Use a physical check or an e-check via PayPal.
    • Process: Choose PayPal at checkout or contact customer service for personal check payments.

    Pros and Cons of Using Check Payments Online

    As online shopping evolves, so do the payment methods available to consumers. While credit and debit cards are prevalent, there’s a niche for check payments. Let’s explore the pros and cons of using check payments when making online purchases.



    • E-check Encryption: Electronic checks, when linked to secure platforms like PayPal, offer encryption, ensuring the safety of your financial information.
    • Reduced Card Fraud Risk: Using checks can reduce the risk of credit card fraud associated with online transactions.


    • Options for All: Checks cater to consumers who prefer traditional methods, offering an alternative to those without credit or debit cards.
    • Mailing Convenience: Traditional checks provide an option for those who feel comfortable mailing payments.


    • No Transaction Fees: Many online stores accept checks without charging additional transaction fees, making it a cost-effective option.

    Record Keeping

    • Paper Trail: Writing a check provides a tangible record of the transaction, aiding in budgeting and record-keeping.


    Processing Time

    • Delays with Traditional Checks: Mailing a physical check may introduce delays as it needs to be received, processed, and cleared before the order is shipped.
    • E-Check Verification: Linking to PayPal may involve a verification process, causing a temporary delay.

    Limited Acceptance

    • Not Universally Accepted: While many major retailers accept checks, it’s not a universally supported payment method, limiting your options.

    Security Concerns

    • Risk of Fraud: Traditional checks can be susceptible to fraud if intercepted during the mailing process.
    • Sensitive Information: Providing bank details online, even through secure channels, carries inherent security risks.


    • Manual Process: Writing and mailing a check involves a manual process, which may be perceived as inconvenient in our fast-paced digital world.
    • Lack of Instant Gratification: Unlike card payments, the processing time may diminish the instant gratification associated with online shopping.

    Digital Alternatives

    • Rising Digital Payment Methods: With the rise of digital wallets and instant online payment options, checks may seem outdated to some users.

    You can use a check to pay for online purchases

    In conclusion, the digital era has not left traditional payment methods behind. The 15 online stores mentioned above embrace check payments, providing options like e-checks and traditional checks. Whether you prefer the electronic efficiency of linking your account to PayPal or the tangible act of mailing a check, these stores cater to your needs. Embrace the flexibility of paying with your checking account, ensuring secure and efficient online transactions. As you embark on your online shopping journey, remember that the checkbook still holds its place in the digital age. Happy shopping!