5 Tea Tree Oil Mixtures to Treat Boils

    how to use tea tree oil for boils

    A boil happens when a hair follicle on your skin gets infected. It looks like a red, painful bump filled with pus. Boils are contagious and caused by a germ called Staphylococcus, or Staph. This germ can enter your body through cuts, shaving, or irritated skin. People with weak immune systems, bad hygiene, diabetes, or poor nutrition are more likely to get boils. It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for a boil to get better all the way. 

    Now, what about tea tree oil for boils? It’s a helpful treatment that can speed up healing and prevent the infection from spreading. If you’re curious about how to use tea tree oil on your boil, keep reading below!

    How can tea tree oil help with boils?

    Tea tree oil is a powerful element that fights germs and reduces swelling. It’s useful for many health reasons. Because it kills fungi and bacteria like Staphylococcus, it can help heal boils quickly. A British study found that tea tree oil is safe for your skin. Its special chemicals can pass through your skin easily. So, putting tea tree oil directly on boils is a smart way to treat them.

    How can you use tea tree oil to treat boils?

    To apply tea tree oil to boils anywhere on your body, it’s important to mix it with other oils the right way. Since everyone’s skin reacts differently to oils, it’s crucial to check if your skin is sensitive to tea tree oil before applying it. Here’s how to perform a patch test:

    • Put a small amount of tea tree oil on the inside of your elbow.
    • Keep it on your skin for at least a whole day.
    • If you don’t see any rash, irritation, or discomfort during this time, it’s likely safe to use.

    If the patch test shows that tea tree oil is suitable for your skin, you can follow these steps:

    Direct Application

    Here’s a simple way to help a boil on your skin feel better:

    • First, wash the area around the boil with warm water. Use a fresh towel to softly dab it until it’s dry.
    • Next, put 2-3 drops of tea tree oil on the boil.
    • Cover the boil with a cotton swab or a bandage to keep the oil on it.
    • Do this 2-3 times every day. It can help the boil heal faster and feel less painful.

    Tea Tree Oil With Lavender Oil For Boils On Inner Thighs

    Here’s an easy way to ease a boil on your inner thighs:

    • Get tea tree oil and lavender oil. Mix a few drops of each in warm water.
    • Soak a washcloth in the mixture.
    • Place the washcloth on the boil for about 10 minutes. It can feel really comforting.
    • Do this a few times every day. It can make the pain less and help the boil feel better sooner.

    Tea Tree Oil With Coconut Oil

    Mixing coconut oil with tea tree oil can make a strong combo for treating boils:

    • Start by washing the area around the boil with warm water. Next, softly dry it with a fresh towel.
    • Get some tea tree oil and coconut oil. Mix 5 drops of tea tree oil with a spoonful of coconut oil.
    • Use a q-tip to put this mixture on the boil. It’s like giving it a special treatment!
    • Do this 2-3 times every day until the boil disappears. You’ll feel better soon!

    Tea Tree Oil With Frankincense Oil For Boils On Buttocks

    Here’s a quick way to help a boil on your buttocks:

    • Get some frankincense oil, tea tree oil, and coconut oil. Mix a few drops of both oils together.
    • Dip a cotton ball into the oil mix. It’s like soaking up all the good stuff!
    • Carefully put the mixture on the area that needs help.
    • Keep it on for a few minutes to let the oils do their job. Then, wash it off with warm water.
    • Do this special treatment two times a day. It’s like giving your skin the extra care it deserves!

    Tea Tree Oil With Almond Oil For Scalp Boils

    Here’s a simple way to treat scalp boils:

    • Make a special mixture by mixing 5 drops of almond oil with 3 drops of tea tree oil.
    • Part your hair so you can see the scalp boil clearly. It’s like giving it some breathing room!
    • Use a cotton swab to gently put the oil mixture right on the boil.
    • Do this special treatment 2-3 times every day.

    Some Tips & Precautions Before Using Tea Tree Oil for Your Boils

    Before using tea tree oil for your boils, it’s important to consider some helpful tips and precautions.

    • Don’t squeeze or scratch the boil because it could make the infection worse.
    • Always wash towels or clothes right away after using them on the boil to prevent spreading the infection.
    • Don’t forget to wash your hands really well before and after putting tea tree oil on the boil.
    • If you notice that the boil becomes more red or irritated after using tea tree oil, stop using it.
    • Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using tea tree oil.
    • If the boil doesn’t get better on its own or if it becomes more painful and red, it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible.

    Use Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Those Boils

    If you’re dealing with boils, tea tree oil could be a helpful solution due to its germ-fighting abilities and can help ease the pain and swelling. Just remember to test it on a small patch of skin first and follow proper application methods. Whether you choose to use it alone or mix it with other oils, tea tree oil might be the natural remedy you’ve been looking for. And if your boil doesn’t get better or gets worse, ask a doctor for help right away.