9 Homeopathic Medicines for Bad Headaches

    homeopathic remedy for migraines headache

    Many people turn to homeopathy to help with long-lasting headaches. However, a review of scientific studies showed that only one in four studies found that personalized homeopathic medicine for headaches noticeably reduced how often, how bad, and how long migraines lasted.

    Homeopathy experts might suggest treatments based on what they know and what they’ve seen work. Before giving any medicine, they think about a person’s whole self – their body, feelings, and mind. A skilled homeopath considers all of these things to pick the best treatment for each person.

    What is Migraine?

    Migraines are really painful headaches that keep coming back. Sometimes they come with other symptoms, like seeing weird symptoms or feeling sick. There are two kinds:

    • Migraines with auras used to be called common migraines.
    • Migraines without auras used to be called classic migraines.

    If you have a migraine with aura, you might see stars or strange lines, or have a blind spot just before the headache begins. Even if you don’t see these things, you might get other warnings like craving sweets, feeling thirsty, sleepy, or sad. There’s no cure for migraines, but you can manage them by reducing how often they happen and easing the pain when they do.

    Symptoms of Migraine

    Migraine headaches, with or without aura, have these features:

    • Pain that feels like throbbing or pounding
    • It usually starts on one side of your head but might spread
    • Strong pain, mainly around the sides of your forehead
    • It lasts from 4 to 72 hours

    These things might also happen before or during the headache:

    • Feeling sick and throwing up
    • Feeling dizzy or like the room is spinning
    • Not wanting to eat
    • Feeling tired
    • Seeing things like flashing lights or wavy lines, or having temporary blind spots
    • Parts of your body feel numb, weak, or tingly
    • Light, noise, and moving around make the pain worse, so you prefer to rest in a dark, quiet place
    • Feeling cranky

    After the headache is gone, you might still feel:

    • Your mind is fuzzy and not clear
    • Sleepy
    • Neck pain


    Homeopathic Remedy for Headache Migraines

    If you’re having some symptoms of migraine and modern medicines are not working, below are the top homeopathic options for headaches you can try:


    This homeopathic headache remedy works best for those with a strong, sharp pain in the forehead that might spread to the back of the head. These headaches get worse when you move or touch your head lightly but feel better when you put pressure on it. It’s good for people who feel cranky and might also have nausea, throwing up, and constipation.


    This treatment is for headaches that feel like a tight band around your head, spreading all over. The pain often starts at the back of your head and might feel better after you pee. It’s good for people who feel very weak and struggle to keep their eyes open.

    Kali bichromicum

    This remedy is for headaches with aching and pressing pain in the forehead, especially between and behind the eyes. You might also feel stuffed up in your sinuses or feel like throwing up. It’s good for people who like to rest in a dark place and feel better when they’re warm or after eating.

    Natrum muriaticum

    This homeopathic remedy is often used for headache migraines that feel like hammers hitting the head. The pain goes away when the person lies down in a quiet, dark room. These migraines might happen during periods or after losing someone close, and they hurt the most around midday. It’s good for kids who seem pale, sick to their stomach, anxious, and emotional.


    For strong headaches that start suddenly: These headaches get worse when you move or when there’s light, but they feel a bit better when you apply pressure, stand, sit, or lean back.


    For bad migraines with feeling sick and feeling better when lying down: Light and moving around make it worse. This solution works best for people who feel moody, don’t like being alone, but also worry about being with others.


    For headaches on the right side that start in the neck and go up, happening regularly (like every seven days), with feeling sick and throwing up: Moving, light, smells, and noise make it worse. This solution suits kids who might want spicy or tangy foods, even if they don’t feel like eating much because of the headache.


    For headaches on the left side of the head that get worse in the mornings and before periods: Warmth and sunlight make it worse, but fresh air and pressing firmly make it feel better.

    Nux vomica

    For headaches feeling like a nail jabbing the head, with feeling sick or dizzy: This solution works best for people who are constipated and easily annoyed.


    Find the Best Homeopathic Medicine for Migraines and Bad Headaches

    Struggling with migraines? Explore homeopathic options tailored to your symptoms. From sharp pains to throbbing headaches, there’s a remedy for you. Discover natural relief and take control of your migraines today.