Seniors no More, Look 10 Years Younger with Dental Implants


    Growing old not only alters our view of life but our appearances as well. Mark Twain once said; “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Growing old is like a magnum opus that takes years to complete. How we look in our senior years is the omnium-gatherum of all the events we experienced and survived over the years. In other words, we are the biggest influencer of how we look during our prime years. With that said, a magnum opus without a smile is not that interesting to look at. After all, the best way to show compassion, love, happiness, peace, contentment, etc. than with a humble smile. 

    With that in mind, a smile can only Move Mountains if it has all the necessary components. Don’t get me wrong, a smile will always be a smile no matter what. However, it would be great if we have all our teeth when we smile. Not to mention that having a complete set of pearly whites make us look younger. And that is why we have dental implants.

    What are Dental Implants? 

    Dental Implants are also known as fixtures, have been around since the 1960s. By definition, a Dental Implant is a surgical component that connects with the jawbone to support a dental prosthesis. In other words, it’s a surgical procedure focused on the attachment of a prosthetic tooth. Compared to dentures, Dental Implants do not “accidentally” come off or fly out of your mouth thus preventing awkward moments. 

    How much do Dental Implants Costs?

    The convenience brought by Dental Implants, however, does not come cheap. A single procedure can cost from $3000 to $4500 depending on the region the procedure takes place. It is costly, to say the least, but with a success rate of 98%, all the investment and effort are worth it. 

    Getting the Right Insurance to Cover the Cost of Dental Implants

    One of the best ways to cover the cost of Dental Implants is through insurance. Some of the insurance firms cover dental implants. Check out the list of some of these insurance firms below. 

    Dental – is not a dental insurance firm. The reason why it’s included on this list is that it’s one of the best sites to search for dental insurance providers using your zip code. The site also provides a definitive list of dental plans complete with discount information. 

    Delta Dental – Covers 50% for major dental procedures like dental implants in addition to the basic dental procedures. The best part is that you can apply for a free insurance cost online. 

    Spirit Dental and Vision – One of the main selling points of Spirit Dental and Vision is that coverage starts immediately. This means that you do not have to wait for a certain period to enjoy the benefits. In contrast with its immediate coverage is the low annual coverage limits. Nevertheless, you can go and visit their main page and get a free quote online to understand the various coverage plans better.

    Denali Dental – Denali is another insurance that covers dental implants. One of the main selling points of this company is that it comes with one of the lowest deductibles in the market. You can also design your dental coverage according to your needs, which makes your investment worth it. 

    Ameritas – Much like Spirit Dental and Vision, Ameritas features no waiting periods on many of its plans. You can apply for a free quote online using your zip code, which is also convenient. The best part of this firm is that it offers low premiums and increasing caps as you maintain your insurance. 

    Unfortunately, Medicaid and Medicare do not cover Dental Implants. Although the Medicare Advantage Plan comes with dental benefits, Dental Implants is a procedure they will not cover. 

    Nevertheless, there is another way to get a free dental implant procedure, which is through grants. The Cosmetic Dentistry Grants are one example of the organization that accepts applications for dental implant grants. CDG is under the supervision and management of Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc., which is a research, information, and funding organization. You can apply for a grant online of which the organization will assign you with a dentist closest to your area for an initial assessment. The CDG has helped many candidates since 2010. 

    Smile and Move Mountains

    Whether if you are already in your senior years or maybe someone who is preparing for the future, a good dental insurance plan should be a part of your list. Smile, for the most part, is a priceless act that some say can move mountains; and it’s right under our nose. An investment to keep this asset intact in our senior years is money well spent. You can’t have dentures flying around every time you share some of your wisdom to the younger generation. To that end, smile and get your implants today.