Best Air Conditioners of 2023

    Best Air Conditioners of 2021

    We all know that air conditioning units are an important part of a household (besides the heater–if you live on the West side of the world.) However, we know that the quality of aircon greatly depends on its brand and functionality. Not every AC is good, right? So, if you truly want the best ones offered today, consider following through our list of the best air conditioners this 2023 below.

    What Makes a Good Air Conditioning Unit

    A good AC has to have the following:

    • Good BTU – BTU is short for British Thermal Unit, a unit of measurement for an air conditioner’s energy usage in removing heat from indoor air, often expressed as the amount of heat removed in an hour.
    • an energy-friendly SEER rating
    • reliable features
    • and a reasonable price.

    All of the ACs that you see here may be of different versions but it is ultimately up to your own preference. Whether you prefer a portable, window, or split type, a good AC is a must for any household. Just make sure that the quality of AC you are looking for also fits your budget more than anything else.

    1. Costway Portable Air Cooler

    If you want to bring your AC anywhere around the house, you can do so with the Costway portable air cooler. While it may not be a fully-fledged AC, it has really good cooling power. Plus, it does not take much power like how an AC does. It has four other adjustable settings including a cooler, heater, humidifier, and fan. It can only be effective in a small room though so don’t expect it to cool up a whole living room.

    Nevertheless, this has a good weight to it, allowing anybody to easily carry the AC around the house. Overall, it’s a great choice if you like a mobile AC version.

    2. Premium Ductless Split Air Conditioner

    This AC is great if you have a good budget for a split-type AC. After reviewing over ten split ACs, this one is the best in comparison. It may be relatively smaller than its other competitors but there is no doubt that its cooling power is as effective as the rest – even arguably better. What makes this stand out the most is the Energy Star SEER 16.5 rating. In layman’s terms, it helps you save energy significantly versus a standard split-type AC.

    As for features, it has wifi connectivity which lets you control its settings using the app. It has 12,000 BTU cooling power also which makes it even more effective than the regular AC. Its maximum cooling radius is around 450 to 550 square feet. Additionally, it has a 24-hour timer to help you regulate your energy consumption. Finally, it has refrigerant leak detection; a self-diagnosis feature that allows you to discover the problems should it ever start to wear out in the long process.

    3. TCL White Window Air Conditioner

    TCL is always known for great ACs. Their latest one, the White Window, has been proven to be their best innovation. It cools a room consistently without costing you high energy bills. While it is much smaller and weaker than a split-type AC, it’s still one of the best for cooling a whole family room.

    Also, it has 6000 BTUs of cooling power, which makes it quite good for its size. The additional Eco Mode lets you conserve energy and turns off the compressor once the room is cool in the right condition. Its cooling radius is up to 250 square feet and has a light display that you can turn on or off at any time.

    4. MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

    This 12,000 BTU window-type AC is one of the best-sellers thanks to its reasonable price and very functional features. Its tech combines air conditioning, heating, and fan mode for the best comfort at home. It is powerful enough to provide cooling power in just a few minutes. A 550-square-foot room should be enough to be properly cooled.

    It also has a more modernized look compared to older ACs with its LED display and remote control function. If you are worried about assembly, don’t sweat it. The MIDEA AC only needs a screwdriver for installation. All small peripherals including screws are already included.

    5. GREE Sapphire Wall Mount Split Air Conditioner

    The Gree Sapphire is the benchmark of split-type ACs and is arguably the best one ever made. It has a 21.5 SEER in cooling and 12.0 HSPF in heating. It provides both ULTRA heating and cooling technology that turns any season in the room feel right at home. It also has a powerful 24,000 BTU which makes it the most powerful AC on this list. While it may be over two decades since this model was released, there is no denying its cooling and heating power are exemplary. It can cool a whole living room or even two long rooms.

    Many have tried imitating it but none were as good as the original. Gree owners will tell you how long they’ve had this AC and how it’s still functioning well nearly in mint condition.

    (This article was updated on May 5, 2023.), MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner, GREE 12,000 BTU 30.5 SEER Sapphire