Exercise Plan – How to Target Women’s Fix-it Zones

Exercise Plan - How to Target Womens Fix-it Zones

Working out is the key to tightening and toning. It is the ideal way to achieve the body you want. In addition to that, a good exercise plan keeps you strong and in good health. For many women there are those areas that they want to improve on. These areas, also called the fix it zones, are areas that are disliked the most. These commonly include the hips, thighs and of course the glutes. Fortunately, the right exercise plan can target all of those areas and improve them significantly. All you need is one 5 lb hand weight, one 3 lb hand weight, and a mat. Here is a great exercise plan to target women’s fix it zones.

With any exercise plan it is important to begin with a warm up. For this particular workout the area from the waist to the knees has to be warmed up to prepare them for the physical activity ahead and help to prevent injury. To begin, start with basic squats. To do a proper squat put your hands out in front of you and sit back while keeping knees behind your toes. Once in this position come back up to complete the squat. Do about 10-15 of these then move on to lunges. Lunges and squats really help to warm up the muscles and get the body moving. After lunges stretch and shake things out a bit before starting the workout.

The first exercise that is very effective at targeting women’s fix it zones is are squats. Squats target the thigh muscles which is a main muscle and burns a lot of calories. During this workout the plan is to do two different forms of the squat. The first is the regular squat that was done during the warm up. During regular squats be sure to keep feet shoulder width apart and keep knees behind your toes. Do about 12 repetitions. The second squat requires bringing the feet close together and squeezing your knees together. Follow with 10 to 12 reps of both forward and backward lunges on the left and right side.

Next, the hand weights can come into play to target the inner thighs. Hold your weights in your hands and place your hands behind your back above your hips. Now straddle your legs wide apart with your back parallel to the floor and lower your body by bending your right leg. Then stand half way up. To target inner thighs repeat about 10 times then move on to the left side.

Now it is time to target the hamstrings. For this exercise you will need your heavier weight as well as your mat. Sit on the mat and put the weight between your feet. Then flip over onto your stomach. Have your elbows out, hands in and place your chin on your hands. Once in the correct position squeeze your glutes, hamstrings and inner thighs to raise your legs. Lower and repeat. Anywhere from 10-20 repetitions are suggested.

The last exercise in this fix it zone exercise plan is the pelvic tilt. It is amazing for the glutes, hamstrings and the core as an added bonus. To perform the pelvic tilt begin by laying on your back with hands at your sides and knees bent. Legs should be about shoulder width apart. After finding the correct positioning, lift hips off of the floor about an inch. When lifting up, press the stomach downward to tilt your pelvis. Now release without allowing your bottom to completely touch the floor and lift again. For results do this exercise for about a minute.

After completing this workout you will be one step closer to toning and tightening the areas of the body that you are less satisfied with. All the exercises included in this plan to target popular fix it zones will effectively target those areas and work out the inner thighs, outer thighs, hamstrings, glutes and your core. Before starting do not forget to warm up. An adequate warm up ensures better results, and helps to avoid injury. The best part is, you do not have to go to the gym. All you need are a two hand weights, a mat and a little time to workout.