Green Tea Health Benefits

Green Tea Health Benefits

It is amazing how ancient herbs have worked their way back into a world that once considered their properties as meaningless. Consider green tea, as an example. For over 4,000 years, the leaves of Camellia sinensis have been used for their health benefits and healing powers. The Chinese first discovered how the leaves proved effective for preventing fatigue, calming queasy stomachs, improving brain function, and a host of many other physical ailments. The mystery of addressing illnesses appeared to come from the positive interaction associated with many vital organs, especially the heart.

Difference Between Black Tea and Green Tea

While most people may think that the difference between black tea and green tea is the type of leaves, they are actually made from the same leaf. It has always been known that tea plants are filled with a high amount of oxygen and chlorophyll. While processing black tea tends to break down the oxidation of these properties, care is taken with green tea to retain as much of the natural benefits as possible. Just as blanching or pan steaming helps to retain nutrients in fresh vegetables, tea leaves that are slightly processed, have a higher ratio of the natural ingredients.

Nutrients Contained in Green Tea Leaves

Polyphenols are the major natural chemicals found in green tea. Studies suggest that this is the contributor to its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic effects. Further study has indicated that epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), one of the polyphenols, is very effective at eliminating free radicals.

Illness and Disease Decrease by Green Tea Benefits

Weight loss is a great selling point for manufacturers of green tea. However, this is a minimal achievement compared to all of the others. It has never been proven that green tea produces weight loss but, with the host of other healthy attributes that your body gains, extra pounds can begin to shed.

Type 2 Diabetes has become a dangerous illness in the Western World. Scientists are eager to find a connection between the benefits of green tea and the chances of contracting this life-threatening condition. There have been many studies on the health status of those that regularly drink green tea as opposed to those that do not. While the jury is still out on this one, it is hopeful that by keeping the system’s organs operating properly, green tea will be a winner in the fight of helping to conquer diabetes.

Lower heart disease statistics has proven that green tea has a direct effect by lowering cholesterol to manageable numbers. Cardiovascular disease is definitely on the decline, thanks to regular green tea intake.

Different types of cancer have been proven to keep tumor growth under control, in addition to having preventative effects against cells becoming malignant, with green tea. Stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, and many other areas where cancer thrives, has been found to decrease cancerous cells by as much as 50%. Other researches that have been conducted, with positive results, include reduced risk of stroke, improving arthritis by reducing inflammation, preventing dental cavities, boosting memory, improving chronic fatigue, and lowering stress levels.

All in all, green tea seems to be the answer to provide necessary nutrients to our bodies that they have been hungry for. Items such as packaged meals, processed foods, and harmful additives and chemicals have become a way of life that starves critical organs and muscles for survival. Something as simple as a green tea leaf can help rejuvenate poor blood supply, keep immune systems fully balanced, and ward off illness and disease.

Green tea is most popular in bottled form because of the convenience, but there are other forms of green tea available. Brewed tea has been deemed stronger in the amount of polyphenols per content, as tested by the American Chemical Society. Ointments, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, containing green tea extract, are beginning to show up as an over-the-counter aid in treating genital warts.

As more is discovered about the many benefits of green tea, it will be exciting to watch how an ancient Chinese civilization and the knowledge of a high-tech world can achieve a better way of keeping citizens healthier and keeping immune systems stronger, by providing natural nutrients found in this small leaf.