Crafting lasting memories by making jewelry out of a loved one’s ashes


    Deciding what to do with the ashes of a cremated loved one can be a challenging task. Balancing the desire to honor their wishes and preserve their memory, individuals often contemplate traditional options like placing ashes in an urn or scattering them in a meaningful outdoor location. However, these choices can feel definitive and make the process of letting go even more difficult. To keep the memory alive in a more personal and tangible way, some people turn to the option of making jewelry out of their ashes. Numerous companies specialize in creating such personalized pieces, allowing individuals to carry a symbolic part of their loved one with them.

    What is cremation jewelry?

    Cremation jewelry encompasses a range of pieces, such as cremation diamonds, urn necklaces, and bracelets, designed to incorporate the ashes of a loved one. The process, cost, and time involved in creating such jewelry vary based on the chosen type. Beyond being a heartfelt tribute, cremation jewelry offers an opportunity to honor the departed by crafting something meaningful from their cremated remains. These pieces serve as conversation starters, enabling you to share memories and keep the person’s legacy alive. Moreover, they may become cherished family heirlooms, passed down through generations along with stories and photographs.

    How to make ashes into jewelry?

    If you’re interested in learning how to make cremation jewelry, there are numerous pieces you can discover. Find one you know will give the most honor to your loved ones below:

    Cremation beads

    Creating cremation beads involves melting glass and blending in your loved one’s ashes. You get to pick the color, maybe matching their birthstone or eye color, adding a unique touch to each bead that reflects your loved one’s individuality.

    While a bit pricier than urn jewelry, cremation beads are more affordable compared to diamonds or crystals. Their versatility allows you to design a personalized bracelet or necklace using these beads made from ashes.

    Custom jewelry

    Making custom jewelry follows a similar process to creating cremation beads, but instead of forming a bead, the result is shaped into a pendant. There’s a broader range of shapes and colors available, and many creators of cremation jewelry can include various patterns. You get to decide whether you want new or recycled glass; while new glass can be tinted in different colors, recycled glass will have a light green hue.

    In the crafting of cremation beads and other glass jewelry, the glass undergoes intense heat, exceeding 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, turning it into a liquid. The ashes are then mixed into this molten glass. Due to the high temperature, the carbon in the ashes burns off, transforming the typically dull-colored ashes into a gleaming white.

    Cremation diamonds

    These special diamonds are crafted entirely from a person’s ashes. The process involves placing around 8 ounces of ashes in a metal container and subjecting them to extreme heat, exceeding 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In this intense heat, everything except the carbon oxidizes.

    The carbon is then heated until it transforms into graphite. This graphite is placed inside a diamond seed crystal, which is put in a press and heated again, this time to about 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterward, the graphite is set aside to crystallize over a few weeks. The resulting crystal is cut and polished according to your preferences and placed inside a setting of your choice. Creating a cremation diamond is a time-consuming process, taking approximately eight to ten months, and the associated cost can amount to thousands of dollars.

    Urn jewelry

    Urn jewelry is a small, hollow container designed for holding your loved one’s ashes, often in the form of a charm, bead for a bracelet, or more commonly, a necklace pendant. If you opt for a necklace made from ashes, an urn pendant is a great choice. Beyond ashes, urn jewelry provides the option to fill it with strands of hair or soil from the burial site. When you order this type of jewelry, you receive instructions on how to fill it, typically including small screws and funnels to avoid spills. These instructions guide you on securely closing the chamber to prevent anything from coming out. Urn jewelry is known for being the most affordable type of cremation jewelry.

    Alternative Uses to Cremation Jewelry

    Lots of folks opt for alternative ways to use their cremation jewelry, mainly to keep it safer since wearing it might increase the chances of losing it. Besides, these alternative uses often add a touch of enjoyment for more family members. Here are some different ways to use cremation jewelry.

    Framed photograph

    A sweet way to showcase your cremation jewelry at home is by placing it on a framed picture of your dear departed one. This adds a loving and classy touch to the photo, giving it extra meaning. Depending on the type of cremation necklace you have, you might be able to hang the pendant over the photograph, with the chain tucked behind the frame. If the necklace doesn’t stay put, you can use tape to secure the chain, ensuring the pendant hangs just the way you like.

    Shadow box

    Imagine a shadow box, kind of like a picture frame but it’s a box. It’s perfect for showing off things like your special cremation jewelry that might be a bit bulkier. This simple project can transform your cremation jewelry into a lovely display. Hang it in a spot where lots of people pass by, or near the display urn. If you’re not into DIY, no worries – many craft stores can help you create a shadow box.

    Stuffed toys

    Here’s a simple and unique idea: put your cremation jewelry on a cuddly stuffed animal or plush toy. It’s an easy way to use cremation jewelry in a different way. This works well for a little kid who’s just lost someone special, like a grandparent. But you know what? Even grown-ups can find comfort in a stuffed animal because deep down, we’re all a bit young at heart.


    Adding your cremation jewelry to your daily life through art can be a deeply comforting and meaningful idea. If your cremation jewelry is flat, you can easily display it alongside a lovely piece of artwork. The glass in the frame will keep your special piece safe and secure. The best part? You get to pick any art that holds meaning for you. Another touching option is using a piece of art that your loved one once owned. It makes the connection even more special.

    Learn the Many Ways of Making Jewelry Out of Ashes

    Embrace the meaningful journey of preserving your loved one’s memory with unique cremation jewelry. Choose from a variety of options like cremation beads, custom jewelry, cremation diamonds, or urn jewelry to create a cherished tribute. Discover alternative uses, such as framing your jewelry alongside a photograph, incorporating it into artwork, or adorning a cuddly stuffed toy. These simple yet profound ideas offer diverse ways to honor and keep the spirit alive. Let the memory endure through personalized creations that resonate with your unique connection.