How to Successfully Earn Income by Selling Crochet Items


    Discover the potential of turning your crochet skills into a source of income by selling crochet items. With a successful handmade business, financial stability and flexibility become achievable. The primary method for generating income through crochet is blogging, but there are various online avenues that you can seamlessly integrate into your routine. Explore nine effective ways to monetize your crochet talents, enabling you to work from the comfort of your home. Additionally, find valuable resources to help you kickstart a shop or initiate a blog. Unlock the possibilities of earning through your craft and redefine your work-from-home experience.

    How to Sell Your Crochet Items

    If you’re seeking a side hustle or aiming to convert your crochet hobby into a profitable venture, several paths are available. However, understand that success in these endeavors requires dedication and consistent self-promotion. It’s more than opening an Etsy shop, and it’s just the beginning. To truly thrive and gain substantial rewards by getting paid to crochet at home, a commitment to ongoing work and business management is essential. This isn’t to discourage you, but to set a realistic expectation for what it takes to succeed in turning crochet into a profitable activity.

    Sell Your Finished Work

    If you frequently crochet, consider selling the items you’ve crafted simply for enjoyment. Utilize platforms like Facebook to showcase your creations to friends and family, offering them the opportunity to purchase your work. Products like simple beanies, blankets, or baby clothes are in demand, as there’s a significant market for handmade items. This approach to earning money is relatively straightforward since it involves selling pieces you’re already creating.


    • Create what makes YOU happy: If you enjoy crafting hats and beanies, go ahead and craft them! If making amigurumi brings you joy, go for it! It’s entirely your choice to decide how to spend your time creating things that bring you satisfaction.
    • YOU set your own price: Since you’re in charge, you get to determine how much you want to earn for your effort. Feel free to set your prices, whether it’s $50 or $200 for a blanket. Consider factors like material costs, time investment, and what others are charging, but ultimately, the decision is yours.
    • Choose when YOU work: Everyone has a different schedule, so work on your projects whenever it suits you best. If you’re more productive in the evenings, like me, focus on creating during that time. If mornings work better for you, go for it! Your crafting schedule is entirely up to you.


    crochet blanket


    Take Custom Orders

    Offering custom orders is a smart way to boost your crochet income. Unlike selling pre-made items, custom orders let customers have something unique, and you can charge a bit more for the personalized touch. Simply inform people that you’re open to custom orders and can meet their specific needs. I use a planner to organize the details of all my projects, including custom ones, noting customer requests, making processes, and pricing.

    This keeps everything organized and easily accessible. Explore various custom possibilities, like dolls, personalized blankets, or character-themed toys. Keep pictures of your work to showcase your skills and attract potential customers.


    • Explore a variety of creations: Try making different things to add excitement to your crochet journey. Taking on custom projects allows you to experiment with new techniques and engage in projects you might not have considered otherwise. It’s enjoyable if you’re open to adventure and willing to invest time in learning new skills.
    • Collaborate with others: Partner with your customer to create a fantastic design, selecting colors that both of you adore. Involving someone else’s ideas in your work is thrilling, and seeing the piece come together might make it a favorite for you as well!
    • Set higher prices: Custom orders are more valuable than ready-made items. When customers have the freedom to choose every detail, they’re willing to pay extra for the luxury of having something unique and exactly how they want it.



    Open an Online Shop

    To further develop your item-selling venture, consider establishing an online shop. This step is a larger undertaking than just selling to family and friends, which is a good starting point but has its limits. An online shop opens the door to a wider audience and the potential for more new customers. However, be prepared for more behind-the-scenes work and a range of options for setting up your shop. There are various online platforms where you can sell, but the best place to sell crochet items would either be on Etsy or Ravelry.


    • Sell various items: Offer finished crocheted items, patterns, kits, and more in a shop like Etsy. Depending on your shop’s location, you can attract a broader audience with a variety of products all in one place. Etsy is awesome for this; you can sell extra items, take custom orders, and offer your patterns and resources.
    • Tap into a larger audience: An online shop lets you connect with more people who are interested in buying what you have. More people = more sales = more money.
    • Monitor stats and finances easily: Selling on an online shop provides a built-in analytics page that reveals how well your items are doing and what’s popular. While it’s good to keep track of this information on your own, having the shop do it for you makes it much simpler.

    Join Craft Fairs

    Participating in craft fairs is a popular way to earn money from crocheting. By setting up a booth at these events, you gain visibility among potential customers. While there’s a small vendor fee for participation, the investment can be worthwhile. To find local craft fairs and learn how to participate, a quick Google search will suffice. Craft fairs not only offer a platform to sell your creations but also provide opportunities for marketing yourself and networking with fellow vendors. Ensure you have a sufficient stock of season-appropriate items ready for sale.


    • Make many sales in a short time: If your product is appealing, you might see a lot of sales in just a weekend. People who visit craft fairs are often your perfect customers, gathered in one spot. They seek unique, handmade items and are ready to pay for them.
    • Enjoy a social selling experience: Craft fairs are a great opportunity to meet others who share your interests. When many craft enthusiasts gather in one place, you’re likely to make some friends!
    • Take time to explore and shop: Bring a buddy to watch your stall for a while, allowing you to stroll and see what others are selling. Observe their creations and display strategies, gather ideas, and enjoy the experience.

    Sell Crochet Items and Make Money Today

    Start turning your crochet passion into profit today! Explore these exciting avenues to sell your creations, be it through an online shop, custom orders, or craft fairs. Dive into the joy of creating, set your own prices, and enjoy the flexibility of working at your pace. Embrace this opportunity to connect with a community that loves handmade items and begin your journey towards financial success and creative fulfillment. Act now and transform your crochet skills into a thriving business!