Hawaiian History – What Is a Lomi Lomi Massage?


    Are you wondering what is a lomi lomi massage? It’s a traditional massage that originated in the wonderful island of Hawaii. During this massage, practitioners apply a blend of instinctive and breathing techniques to clear energy pathways, alleviate stress, and eliminate obstructions. This involves using the hands and forearms to perform lengthy, harmonious, and sweeping strokes across the entire body while often massaging multiple areas simultaneously. Known by the name Hawaiian lomi lomi full body massage, it has been proven to reduce blood pressure, enhance circulation, flexibility, and immune system response.

    The Colorful & Exciting History of Lomi Lomi Massage

    The Hawaiian language assigns the term ‘lomi’ with the meaning of ‘to rub, to knead, or to soothe’ and ‘the sacred shift inspired by the healing kahuna.’ The term ‘kahuna‘ finds its origin in the Hawaiian word ‘huna,’ which translates to ‘hidden knowledge’ or ‘secret knowledge.’ In understanding what is lomi lomi massage, it’s worth noting that ‘lomi’ is repeated twice to emphasize its significance.

    While this type of massage gained popularity through Hawaiian tourism, it is a traditional practice across the neighboring Polynesian Islands. The spiritual practice of the Hawaiians was surrounded by the “light of knowledge” and they were considered the keepers of this sacred gift, passing it down from one generation to the next.

    Its practices have evolved over several hundred years, differing in approach based on family, region, and island. Massage therapists employed a range of methods to manipulate soft tissues, which involved using their forearms, palms, fingers, knuckles, knees, elbows, feet, and sometimes stones or sticks, and optionally, an emollient (such as lotion or oil).


    How do Lomi Lomi Massage Work?

    The Hawaiian Lomi lomi massage does not follow any fixed sequences or formats, making each massage session unique. The objective, however, remains the same, which is to renew the body, mind, and spirit by removing blockages and opening up energy pathways.

    Lomi lomi massage is not merely about fixing the body but rather restoring balance and harmony to the individual. The practitioner views the client as a holistic being in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. By understanding the interconnection between these aspects of the self, lomi lomi massage aims to facilitate the release of any physical and emotional tension stored within the body.

    This approach allows for a deeper level of healing that goes beyond mere physical manipulation. The therapist facilitates the healing process. The massage encompasses the whole body, including the arms, feet, back, front, and face, making it a holistic treatment. As the therapist performs the lomi lomi massage, they believe that the energy flows throughout the body, and it is not restricted to a specific area.

    This practice aligns with the belief that the venous, nervous, and respiratory systems can all be balanced through the release of toxins and lymphatic draining. The nervous system is encouraged to relax, creating the necessary space for effective techniques to be implemented.


    What Type of Techniques are Used?

    Lomi lomi Hawaiian massage involves long, flowing, and sweeping strokes. A therapist performs it using hands and forearms with the aid of abundant oil. The strokes can be quick or slow, and depending on the client’s preference, pressure is applied accordingly, either gently or deeply. The therapist can also use heat and different pressures in combination to help with any injuries. In order to achieve harmony and balance, range-of-motion work is incorporated into the massage, with different parts of the body being worked on simultaneously.

    A key focus of lomi lomi massage is to create movement in the spine, which can lead to an unwinding similar to what happens in myofascial release. In traditional teachings, massage of the abdomen is important, as the colon is considered part of a person’s heart or soul. So it helps with the elimination process and improves organ function.

    Throughout the lomi lomi massage session, the breath is considered a vital element to maintain focus and energy flow. By gradually peeling away layers of emotional memory and stored tension, the client’s life force energy (mana) is able to vibrate throughout the entire body. Overall, lomi lomi massage is a highly individualized treatment that aims to promote balance and rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit.


    The Wonderful Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

    The practice of lomi lomi massage offers numerous health benefits. It’s effective in providing relief from a wide range of injuries, medical conditions, and the discomforts caused by general health imbalances. This type of massage uses flowing strokes. These can bring about many of the same advantages as other massage techniques, such as Swedish massage.

    Lomi lomi massage is known to offer numerous benefits, which may include::

    • Increased blood flow
    • Better immune system
    • Enhanced motion and flexibility
    • Release of pent-up energy
    • Relief from muscular tension
    • Improved body posture
    • Accelerated healing
    • Reduced heart rate
    • Lowered blood pressure levels

    How to Properly Choose a Massage Therapist

    If you’re considering getting a lomi lomi massage for the first time, it can be a daunting decision. To help make the process easier, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

    • Certification: It’s crucial to choose a lomi lomi massage therapist who is certified and has received formal training.
    • Current knowledge: Verify that the therapist you choose is knowledgeable about current research and familiar with the latest techniques and practices.
    • Expertise tailored to your needs: Lomi lomi massage therapists typically conduct an assessment before starting the treatment to ensure that they address any specific concerns effectively.
    • Cleanliness: Make sure that the treatment room of your therapist is sanitary and well-presented.
    • Comfort: This massage requires exposing most of the body to allow the therapist to use underbody and full-body strokes optimally. However, clients have the option of requesting small towels to cover certain areas for modesty.

    What to Expect From Your First Appointment

    Lomi lomi massage is also known as “Loving Hands.” It’s known for its ability to promote healing at a deep level. The soothing touch of this massage can help you relax, let go of tension, and simply be.

    To begin, your therapist will typically start by placing their hands gently on your back and encouraging you to take deep breaths. They may also incorporate other rituals, such as playing traditional music, to enhance the experience. Lomi lomi massage practitioners rely on their intuition and expertise for personalization to meet the unique needs of each individual. They use a combination of techniques and adjust the intensity and pressure based on the client’s preferences and physical condition.

    Other massage modalities that use towels to cover certain areas of the body. But lomi lomi often involves minimal or no draping. It allows for a more immersive experience. It’s because the therapist typically uses long, flowing motions. These motions start at your shoulders and travel all the way down to your feet. One unique aspect is that minimal or no clothing is important. So it allows for underbody strokes to be executed smoothly and without interruption. This technique also enables the therapist to have better contact with your body, allowing for a more effective massage experience.

    Some therapists may use massage sheets in the usual way. But others may provide small towels for modesty so that you can cover yourself as needed.

    Relax Your Body & Mind

    Book your Lomi Lomi massage today and experience the rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit! Find a certified therapist with skills and knowledge to meet your specific needs. Don’t wait any longer to reap the benefits of this type of massage. Embark on your journey towards achieving optimal health by giving it a try today!