5 of the Best Free CRM Solutions for Nonprofits to Boost Your Impact


    Your charity is making a big difference. You’re like a spark for change in the world, receiving help from external sources, like money, gifts, and volunteers, to make this happen. But running your nonprofit also needs lots of inside work, such as organizing events and managing funds. Keeping track of every interaction donors have with your charity can be costly, leading to more spending on running things rather than helping your cause. However, these can be achieved with the best free CRM for nonprofits.

    A CRM software designed for charities can make your work smoother and more efficient! In this article, we’ll talk about great free CRM software for nonprofits available today. We’ll also guide you on how to pick the right software for your charity and what each one can do, so you can choose the one that fits your needs.

    Best Free Non Profit CRM Solutions

    If you need a free non-profit CRM to manage your organization, below are the top choices you must consider:


    Givebutter is a handy tool for folks who want to raise money for their causes. It’s like having a toolbox that has everything you need, including a special tool for keeping track of your supporters. The good news is that Givebutter’s supporter-tracking tool is free, just like all the other cool things it offers.

    Some other tools make you pay for using them or charge extra for special features or keeping lots of supporter info. But Givebutter doesn’t do that. It doesn’t have confusing pricing or different levels of payment plans. Instead, it lets charities save all the supporter info they want, move data in and out easily, group supporters, and send personalized emails and texts to many people all in one spot. And you don’t have to worry about the cost because donors can leave tips if they want to help cover the expenses.


    Springly is a special computer program that helps charities organize their relationships with their supporters. People really like it because it’s both free and works really well. It’s not complicated, and it looks nice, which makes it great for charities that are new to this kind of computer program or for big charities that have been around for a long time.

    If you want to do even more with your supporter organizing, Springly has a bigger version you can buy that has more things you can do. But it’s not too expensive, so it’s still a good deal.


    Givelify is like a toolbox for charities and people who want to help charities. For charities, it has a special tool called CRM that helps them keep track of supporters and understand how things are going. It also connects with some other tools.

    For people who want to donate, Givelify made an app to make it easy to find charities and give money. You can also keep track of all the charities you’ve helped. But, even though Givelify is free, it doesn’t have a lot of options for changing how it works or connecting with other tools.

    Givelify is owned by a FinTech-for-Good, and they don’t ask for any extra money to use its tools. The only thing they charge charities for is when they process a payment, which is a standard fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents for each donation made through their platform.


    DonorDock is like a helpful organizer for charities. It puts all the charity’s fundraising plans and information in one easy-to-use place. People who use it say it works really well and doesn’t have many problems.

    But here’s the catch: DonorDock’s full set of features costs a lot of money. They do offer a free plan and some paid ones, but no matter which one you choose, they don’t charge extra fees for using their platform. However, they do charge a fee when money is moved around, and they ask the people who give money to pay part of that fee.

    When someone donates, they might see a request to pay 5% plus 30 cents extra on their donation. If they agree, DonorDock takes some of that extra money to cover their own processing fees, and the rest goes to the charity.


    Bitrix24 is like a toolbox that’s not made just for charities, but it has some tools that charities might like. They offer a free tool to help charities keep track of their supporters.

    This tool can help charities with things like managing grants and organizing campaigns. It’s simple and puts all the charity’s information in one place. Bitrix24 has different plans, some you have to pay for and one that’s free for charities. The good thing is they don’t list any extra fees for using their platform or handling money.

    Give Your Nonprofit a Boost by Using a CRM for Charities

    Discover the best free CRM solutions made for nonprofits, and supercharge your impact! These user-friendly tools like Givebutter, Springly, Givelify, DonorDock, and Bitrix24 can help you efficiently manage your donors and fundraising efforts without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to costly overhead expenses and hello to streamlined operations. Explore these options, find the perfect fit for your charity, and start making an even bigger difference in the world today. Don’t miss out – it’s time to take your nonprofit to the next level with the right CRM!