8 Free Quillbot Alternatives to Elevate Your Writing


    The ability to paraphrase is crucial for improving the quality of your writing by enhancing its organization, lucidity, and fluidity. Yet, manually restructuring your text can prove laborious and daunting. This is where paraphrasing tools prove beneficial. Although Quillbot stands as a prominent option, its suitability and affordability might not cater to everyone. Thankfully, there are various free Quillbot alternatives accessible online that can adeptly rephrase your content. Here, we explore some of the top free paraphrasing tools to aid in refining the caliber of your writing.


    Prepostseo is a versatile tool offering various services like plagiarism checking, domain authority assessment, spell checking, summarizing, and paraphrasing. The paraphrasing tool offers four rewriting choices: Standard, Fluency, Creative, and Smarter. The Creative and Smarter options are available in the pro version, while the Standard and Fluency options are accessible for free. You can upload your text from your computer or Google Drive, supporting file formats such as .docx, .doc, .txt, and .pdf. If your file is in another format, you can convert it using a free online converter. After uploading, select the language from the drop-down menu and click the paraphrase button to begin. The free version has a limit of 500 words per paraphrase, but you can increase this limit by upgrading to the Pro version.


    Paraphraser.io Another Quillbot free alternative is Paraphraser.io, where you can paraphrase up to 600 words simultaneously with three options: Fluency, Standard, and Word Changer. To begin, paste your text into the designated box, select your desired paraphrasing option, choose from the supported languages (English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese), and click the Rewrite Now button. After paraphrasing, the changed words will be highlighted in green, allowing you to click on each one to see additional synonyms and select your preferred replacement.

    Paraphrasing Tool

    The Paraphrasing Tool functions as a free AI-powered rewriting tool akin to Quillbot, employing Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI software to rephrase your inputted text. Without requiring sign-up or login, you can paraphrase up to 10,000 words. It offers two options: Basic and Advanced. Basic paraphrasing simply rephrases the original text, while Advanced provides a richer vocabulary and a deeper understanding of the text’s structure. Basic paraphrasing is done within the same window, while the Advanced option redirects you to Quillbot for more sophisticated rephrasing.


    SEOToolsCentre, a similar website to Quillbot, offers various tools for content creation, optimization, and management. Using the paraphrasing tool is straightforward: just paste your text into the input box, choose your language from the menu, and click Paraphrase. After generating the paraphrased text, the tool highlights any changes made. Clicking on these words lets you see suggested alternatives and add your own. Once you have completed it, simply click on the “Finish” button. This tool accommodates seven languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Indonesian.


    In SpinnerChief’s free version, you can paraphrase up to 150 words and utilize 20 spins daily. Begin by pasting your text into the field and selecting the level of sentence reconstruction you desire. The free option includes “Basic AI (slight)” and “Disabled,” while the premium version offers the more potent Advanced AI option. Adjust the synonym slider at the top to control word replacement, though note that the free version limits this adjustment to the middle at most. SpinnerChief is accessible as both a desktop application and a web tool, ensuring flexibility and convenience in text paraphrasing.


    Wordtune is a valuable tool to contemplate if you’re looking for multiple alternative phrases for your text. It analyzes your text’s context and provides various options for you to select from. To use Wordtune, simply highlight the text you wish to rephrase, and the tool will offer suggestions, with changed words highlighted in purple. You can also select a synonym for individual words by highlighting them. The free version allows up to 10 rewrites daily, suitable for users rewriting only a few lines. For unlimited rewrites and additional features like choosing between casual and formal tones or adjusting text length, consider subscribing to the premium version.


    Similar to the Paraphrasing Tool, Spinbot allows you to easily rephrase up to 10,000 words at once and offers both basic and advanced spinning options. It uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to enhance readability, and the best part is that no account creation is required. This tool also ensures plagiarism-free text. When rewriting, you can select from three modes: standard, random, and longest. The default mode is Standard, whereas the random mode enhances fluency, and the longest mode makes the most significant alterations to the input. Opting for the Advanced option redirects you to Quillbot.


    The last option we’re presenting is DupliChecker, which allows you to paraphrase up to 2000 words in one go. In the complimentary version, you will encounter two spinning alternatives: Smart spin and Ultra spin. With Smart spin, about 70-75% of your words get replaced with synonyms, and you’ll get a list of alternatives for each word to easily make adjustments. On the other hand, Ultra Spin swaps approximately 90% of the words for maximum rephrasing. Additionally, there’s an AI rephrasing feature available in the pro version of the tool.

    Use Quillbot Free Alternatives for a Better Writing Experience

    Enhance your writing effortlessly with these versatile paraphrasing tools, each offering unique features to refine your content. These tools serve a wide range of needs and preferences, offering both simple rephrasing and advanced AI-driven options. Simplify your writing process, improve clarity, and ensure originality with these convenient online resources. Explore the options and elevate the quality of your text today.