Green Chef vs. Hello Fresh: Which Meal Kit Service is Better?


    Green Chef is a popular choice for people who want meal kits that are good for the environment. They make it easy for you to eat healthy with ingredients that are sourced organically. They offer different meal plans like keto, paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian or vegan diets. Green Chef is owned by HelloFresh, which was bought in 2018. A comparison was made between the two companies, and some recipes were tried from each. The analysis shows what’s similar and different between Green Chef and HelloFresh, which can help you decide which meal kit is best for you.

    Benefits and Disadvantages of Green Chef


    • Suitable for those following low-carb diets or adhering to a vegetarian lifestyle
    • Convenient and rapid meal preparation
    • It is simple to opt out of certain weeks
    • majority of the produce sourced is organic


    • Fewer meal selections are available per weekly plan
    • Slightly higher cost

    Benefits and Disadvantages of HelloFresh


    • Tasty
    • Abundant meal choices every week, accompanied by numerous add-ons
    • Calendar function displays upcoming meals


    • Limited accommodation for various dietary requirements
    • Meal preparation and execution demand significant time and effort.

    Green Chef and Hello Fresh Pricing

    Green Chef offers various pricing options depending on the number of servings and meal plans you select. Starting at $11.99 per serving, you can enjoy six servings and four meals per week across all diet choices. However, if you opt for fewer servings and meals each week, the cost per serving may increase.

    HelloFresh follows a similar pricing structure, where ordering more results in a lower cost per serving. For instance, the Meat & Veggie Plan, designed for four people with four weekly recipes, costs $9.29 per serving. Conversely, choosing the same plan for two people with only two recipes per week raises the cost to $12.49 per serving.

    Green Chef vs. Hello Fresh Meal Plan/Choices

    Green Chef offers a variety of meal plans catering to different dietary preferences, including keto and paleo, fast and fit, Mediterranean, gluten-free, vegetarian, and Vegan options. You can choose serving sizes for two, four, or six people, with two to four meals per week. Once you select your plan, Green Chef assigns meals for you, but you can easily customize your choices.

    Each recipe is clearly labeled with dietary tags. Most meals can be prepared in just 30 minutes, making them perfect for busy weeknights. With weekly menu changes, there’s always something new to try. You can also skip weeks effortlessly using the weekly calendar icon.

    HelloFresh offers a wide selection of over 30 meals each week, along with additional options like quick breakfasts, sandwiches, extra protein, pantry items, and desserts. While this feature is convenient, it’s easy to overspend on add-ons. Although HelloFresh includes several vegetarian options weekly, it doesn’t cater to specific dietary needs.

    HelloFresh provides tags such as “easy prep,” “calorie smart,” and “carb smart” to help you choose meals that suit your preferences. The calendar feature displays upcoming meals, aiding in meal planning.

    Diversity of Meals

    The meals from Green Chef take inspiration from various countries like the Caribbean, England, Japan, Peru, and Thailand. Many of the meals had flavors influenced by Asian cuisines. One of the dishes was okonomiyaki, a crispy Japanese fritter packed with vegetables. Another favorite was a pineapple teriyaki salmon dish with island vibes, along with a delicious seared steak topped with truffle butter and a Thai peanut noodle stir fry.

    You’ll notice that both companies offer a wide range of diverse and creative meals, showing a sense of adventure in their culinary choices. Since HelloFresh provides more meal options per week, you might prefer their service over Green Chef. However, both meal delivery services offer interesting and delicious dishes, making them worthy competitors.

    Freshness, Quality, and Flavor

    You’ll appreciate the quality of Green Chef. Most of their produce and eggs are organic, which is great, and they clearly label any non-organic veggies as conventional, showing transparency. Sometimes you might find a bit of dirt on organic veggies like broccoli, but that’s normal. While the bavette steak was a bit tough, the truffle butter added a nice touch. Other dishes were flavorful and didn’t need extra seasoning.

    Ingredients from HelloFresh were also fresh. The steelhead trout had a slight fishy smell, but it tasted delicious, especially with panko, butter, and pecans. Overall, you might prefer Green Chef because they focus on using organic ingredients and maintaining high animal welfare standards when possible.

    Recipe Clarity

    The cooking methods for Green Chef were straightforward. Many dishes required minimal chopping, and sometimes, vegetables were already diced. Typically, you would sauté vegetables, sear protein, add a prepared sauce, and plate, using only two pots or pans, making cleanup easy. However, HelloFresh recipes were more complex. Often, you’d be chopping, boiling rice, roasting vegetables, and sautéing protein simultaneously, requiring focus and using more cookware, resulting in a longer cleanup. After testing, Green Chef’s recipes were found to be simpler and clearer to follow.

    Types of Diets Available

    Green Chef offers meal plans suitable for paleo, keto, low-calorie, gluten-free, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan diets. During your testing week, you tried vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian dishes and felt satisfied and healthy afterward, with even carnivores enjoying the vegan options. On the other hand, HelloFresh doesn’t provide specific dietary meals, though you can find vegetarian options, and they offer pescetarian and family-friendly meals each week. In terms of catering to dietary needs, Green Chef holds an advantage over HelloFresh.

    Nutritional Value

    Green Chef tries to help people live better lives by providing keto, paleo, and plant-based meals, with a focus on using organic products from family farms. Vegetables like broccoli, carrots, and red peppers are used in a lot of meals because they are bright and full of nutrients. Online recipe cards give full nutritional information and allergy lists. HelloFresh foods, on the other hand, tend to be heartier but less healthy. They often have a lot of grains and butter instead of olive oil, which means they have more fat and carbs. While some HelloFresh meals may have more fancy tastes, Green Chef’s meals are better for people who care about health and nutrition for weeknight dinners.

    Green Chef or Hello Fresh: Which Should You Choose?

    Green Chef is all about healthy eating with organic ingredients, and they offer special diets like keto, Mediterranean, and vegan. On the other hand, HelloFresh is more about giving you lots of tasty meals for everyday eating, with a big variety to choose from.

    If we had to pick a winner, HelloFresh would be it! Green Chef is great if you want organic food and don’t mind spending a bit more, while HelloFresh is better if you just want quick dinners with flavors everyone will enjoy. Plus, HelloFresh is usually cheaper than Green Chef.


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