Roomba vs Roborock – Reveal the Better Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


    Discover the finer brand of smart vacuum cleaners with the help of the Roomba vs Roborock comparison guide.

    Two well-known manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners are Roomba and Roborock. These brands provide cutting-edge technology, efficient cleaning capabilities, and convenient features such as self-emptying dustbins. As a result, robot vacuums from these manufacturers are highly recommended.

    However, with a vast array of models available from both brands in 2023, comparing and contrasting them could pose a challenge. Suppose you are deliberating Roomba vs Roborock for purchasing the right robot vacuum for your home. In that situation, a thorough comparison of the two brands can help you in making a wise choice.

    Roomba vs Roborock – Design Aspect

    To start the Roborock vs Roomba comparison guide, let us begin with the design aspect of the two intelligent vacuums. Roombas and Roborocks bear a striking resemblance with their rounded designs. Both use replaceable air filtration filters, rubber brushes, and automatic adjustments to account for uneven surfaces. Nonetheless, several noteworthy differences set them apart.

    Roborock boasts a more extensive collection of hybrid models with mopping capabilities. At the same time, Roomba has a greater variety of models equipped with side brushes and flattened fronts (as in the S9 series) to efficiently clean baseboards and corners. Roomba designs are generally considered sturdier and more versatile for household use.

    roborock design

    Roomba vs Roborock – Battery Pack

    To continue the Roomba vs Roborock comparison guide, let us know which smart vacuum has a fantastic battery life. The latest Roomba models boast an extended battery life of up to two hours, subject to usage modes and other factors. Additionally, most Roomba models are designed to return to their docking stations automatically to recharge, reducing battery life’s significance. However, battery life may still be crucial, especially when cleaning spacious areas or minimizing wear and tear.

    Roborock vacuums have varying battery capacities, with some models equipped with larger batteries that can last up to 200 minutes depending on the cleaning modes employed. Like Roomba, Roborock models can return to their docking stations for recharging as needed. However, Roborock models generally can perform longer cleaning sessions on a single charge.

    s8 battery

    Roomba vs Roborock – Cleaning Performance

    Next to the Roomba vs Roborock is the cleaning power. Which brand has an efficient suction capability? A higher suction power enables a robot vacuum to clean larger debris and clean carpets effectively. According to iRobot, the current versions of its products are 40 times more potent than the initial versions. However, this metric does not provide insight into the suction levels, although Roomba models have a maximum suction rating of 2,500Pa.

    Roborock models also offer a suction rating of up to 2,500Pa. Nevertheless, the latest flagship model from Roborock, the S8 Pro Ultra, boasts an impressive 6,000 Pa suction power – ample enough to remove all debris lodged in carpets.

    s8 battery

    Roomba vs Roborock – Smart Features

    Since we are catering smart vacuums, let’s continue the Roomba vs Roborock comparison guide by discovering which brand has many excellent smart features. Roomba and Roborock offer feature-packed mobile apps with sensors built into their robot vacuums.

    Imprint Smart Mapping, a feature of the Roomba, scans, identifies, and learns the rooms in your house. The app allows you to manage floor plans and schedule cleanings for individual rooms according to your preference or command the Roomba to conduct spot cleaning for targeted messes. You may even create virtual boundaries around rugs or pieces of furniture that the Roomba should avoid. Roombas can automatically steer clear of stairs and other drop-off points.

    The more advanced Roomba models have dirt detection sensors that identify dirty spots and adjust the cleaning power accordingly. Additionally, the app offers helpful advice on when and how to clean over time. With a compatible base station, Roombas can even automatically empty their dustbins, eliminating the need to open the bin for weeks. Additionally, Roombas can be connected to voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant to take commands verbally.

    The Roborock brand also offers impressive technological features. Utilizing lidar technology, Roborocks map out rooms and use Adaptive Route Algorithms to find optimal cleaning paths. The accompanying app provides comprehensive control, enabling users to set schedules, adjust suction power, and establish virtual boundaries to avoid certain areas.

    Many Roborock models include self-emptying features, allowing for more hands-free operation. Roborocks function with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, just like Roombas. While Roombas have certain advantages, such as spot cleaning and dirt detection, the two brands offer comparable levels of smart technology and convenience.


    Roomba vs Roborock – Mopping Efficiency

    To help you find the better cleaner, let us know which brand has the best mopping capabilities in this part of the Roomba vs Roborock comparison guide. Both Roborock and Roomba now offer devices that can mop and vacuum simultaneously, eliminating the need for manual input. The Roomba combo j7+ is a prime example, with a mop head that can lift to the top of the device when it detects carpet, preventing water from dripping onto the floor.

    While Roborock’s offerings aren’t as complex, the S8 Pro Ultra follows a similar approach. Instead of retracting the mop, it lifts 5mm when it encounters carpet. While this should suffice for most households, those with thicker carpets might notice the mop skimming along the top of the rug.
    Mopping performance may vary by model, but both brands offer impressive options for consumers to consider.

    roomba j7

    Which Brand Fits Your Budget?

    Roomba and Roborock offer robot vacuums at varying prices, with their high-end models costing over $1,000. The Roomba S9+ is priced at $1,000, while the deluxe Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is priced at $1,600. Budget variants are offered at the lowest end of the spectrum for about $500. With a wide range of choices, users can find a product that meets their budget without sacrificing quality.

    Roborock vs Roomba – The Best Smart Vacuum Brand

    Although Roomba’s innovative technology is still superior, Roborock’s potential power levels and the frequent combination of suction and sonic mop vibration are awe-inspiring. It’s no surprise we’ve been impressed with Roborock’s latest technology.

    Ultimately, what matters most are the features inside the vacuum, not the logo on the outside. With both Roomba and Roborock offering robot vacuums at a wide range of prices and with most models built to high standards, you can look at both brands to determine which one best suits your needs.