Top-Rated Noise Cancelling Gaming Headset Brands for Gamers


    Opting for exclusive gaming sessions within a perfectly soundproof chamber may appear to be the epitome of an ideal setup, but the practicality of such an environment remains elusive for the majority of gamers. The presence of ambient sounds, be it the hustle and bustle of traffic or the murmur of people engaging in conversations nearby, necessitates the use of a noise cancelling gaming headset that truly delivers on its promise. The challenge lies in navigating through the various noise-cancelling techniques available, leaving gamers in a quandary about the most effective approach to quell the cacophony of diverse auditory landscapes.

    What factors do you need to consider when choosing the best noise cancelling gaming headset?

    When determining the ideal noise-cancelling headset for a potential buyer, prioritize consideration of the following characteristics:

    • Type of Device: The best noise-cancelling gaming headsets work on gaming PCs, consoles, and mobiles. Some wireless options use Bluetooth or RF, causing issues with specific sources. Active noise cancellation usually works on any device, but controlling background noise may need PC software.
    • Wired vs. Wireless: Wireless noise-cancelling headsets can be pricey. If on a budget, a wired headset with top-notch sound quality is often a better choice.
    • Build: Noise-cancelling gaming headsets are usually well-built but may have varying amounts of plastic. Consider how long you’ll keep the headset before upgrading.
    • Surround Sound: Noise cancellation makes gamers feel part of the virtual world, while surround sound helps locate in-game sounds. Gaming headsets support different surround sound formats, which may only work on specific devices.

    Best Noise Canceling Gaming Headset Brands in 2024

    Discovering a gaming headset with real noise cancellation can be a hassle. Thankfully, there are plenty of good options now for gamers in noisy places.

    Turtle Beach Stealth Pro

    The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro noise cancelling wireless gaming headset goes beyond other wireless gaming headsets. It uses special 50mm Nanoclear drivers to balance left and right sounds. Active Noise Cancellation cuts background noise by 25 dB.

    To keep you gaming longer, easily switch 12-hour batteries. One charges while the other is in use. The Stealth Pro has versions for PC/Xbox or PC/PS4/PS5, and can connect to Bluetooth at the same time.

    JBL Quantum 910 Wireless Gaming Headset

    The JBL Quantum 910 gives you JBL’s top-notch sound in a wireless gaming headset. This noise cancelling gaming headset works with PCs, consoles, and Steam Deck, connecting through Bluetooth or a USB-C RF dongle. Xbox users need an extra cable or the JBL Quantum 910x.

    Built with a lot of plastic, the Quantum 910 may not feel super professional. Yet, it’s comfy for long gaming sessions with plush ear cups and a flexible headband. Cool RGB effects on the earcups add style. Despite its weight, 421 grams, it might feel a bit flimsy due to the plastic build. JBL focused on the internals, giving a solid 39-hour battery life, but using active noise cancellation shortens that.

    Razer BlackShark V2 X Gaming Headset

    Most gaming headsets with noise cancellation cost a lot, which can be tough for budget gamers in noisy places. Luckily, the Razer BlackShark V2 X focuses on blocking noise without breaking the bank. It’s light, has 7.1 surround sound, and a cool helicopter-pilot design.

    The headset’s memory foam cushions and fabric-covered earpads keep you comfy and block out noise. Though it feels like a pricier headset, there are some worries about build quality. The joints and exposed cables might not be super strong. Still, the BlackShark V2 has held up well in real-world tests over the years.

    Razer Barracuda Pro

    The Razer Barracuda Pro is changing the game for wireless gaming headsets. It effortlessly switches between 2.4 GHz Razer Hyperspeed Wireless and Bluetooth, connecting to a PC, PS4, PS5, or various mobile devices. It’s the perfect blend of a home gaming headset and portable headphones.

    No matter how you use it, Razer’s active noise-cancellation technology blocks out annoying background noises. It focuses on getting rid of common sounds that mess with your gaming experience, especially mid-frequency noises. Unlike other headsets, Razer lets you fine-tune your isolation with ten settings in the Razer Audio app.

    JBL Quantum 810 Gaming Headset

    Finding an active noise-cancelling headset with the right features and price is tough. The JBL Quantum 810 is a more affordable option than the Quantum 910 or wired Quantum One, but it still has cool RGB lighting on the earcups. The lighting brightens the JBL logo and the edge of the earcups. Using JBL’s QuantumEngine software, gamers can customize the lighting to match their rig’s other RGB effects.

    While there are pricier wireless headsets, the Quantum 810 nails it with great sound and battery life. The 50 mm drivers create a balanced soundscape with low, mid, and high tones. QuantumSound elevates the gaming experience, making even the quietest game sounds, like distant footsteps or far-off explosions, crystal clear.

    AceZone A-Spire Gaming Headset

    The AceZone A-Spire is designed to keep competitive gamers focused by blocking out background noise in tournament venues. Its smooth leather cushions create a tight seal for a mix of passive and active noise cancellation. Despite its simple looks, the lightweight A-Spire prioritizes a secure fit for comfort during long gaming sessions. The adaptive clamping force and breathable leather on the earcups add to their appeal for esports pros.

    Razer Hammerhead Pro HyperSpeed

    Earbuds weren’t always a good choice for gamers, but times have changed. The Razer Hammerhead HyperSpeed Pro tackles some of the usual earbud issues, making it a great pick for mobile gamers or those playing on different platforms.

    Using wireless earbuds for gaming usually means dealing with Bluetooth latency, which can affect competitive gaming. Razer’s solution is a HyperSpeed USB dongle that brings the same wireless audio performance as their bigger headsets. It connects through USB-C or USB-A, but sadly, it doesn’t work with Xbox consoles. There’s a slightly less fancy non-Pro version of the Hammerhead HyperSpeed made specifically for Xbox.

    Nura Nuraphone Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Headphones are often underestimated by gamers, but the Nura Nuraphone proves they’re excellent for noise cancellation. These Bluetooth headphones are not just for mobile use; they work great for gaming too.

    Don’t be fooled by the sleek exterior of the Nuraphone; its innovative design is impressive. Inside, it combines wireless earbud-like tips with traditional ear cushions, forming a solid seal on the ears. To keep outside noise out, the tips are surrounded by suction-cup-shaped cushions. The Nuraphone uses a mobile app with internal microphones to create a personalized sound profile, ensuring a unique listening experience.

    Discover the Best Noise Cancelling Headset to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

    Upgrade your gaming experience with top-notch noise-cancelling headsets. Whether you prefer the immersive feel of over-ear headphones or the convenience of wireless earbuds, we’ve covered it all. Consider factors like device compatibility, wired vs. wireless options, build quality, and surround sound capabilities to find the perfect fit for your gaming needs. Don’t let background noise distract you; invest in a gaming headset that enhances every moment of your gaming sessions. Level up with the right gear and elevate your gaming prowess!