Toys for the Tech-Savvy Kid

Toys for the Tech-Savvy Kid

New high tech gadgets and toys are constantly being introduced. Kids are getting introduced to high tech toys younger and younger. Computer processors, robots, and apps are included to make toys more high tech than ever. Many of these toys are designed with children in mind, but they are enjoyed by geeks of all ages. The idea behind these toys, is that they are toys that you can program. The children, or adults, get to decide what they are going to do, and how they are going to move and react to their surroundings. The user of these toys can program or control these toys with their computer or phone.

The Romotive Romo is a robotic toy that looks like a tank, and has a place for you to stick your iPhone inside it. The iPhone then displays a face, and it has its own personality built in. The child, or adult, gets to program the robots personality. It doesn’t just come with a list of things that you can make it do, you can actually program it do exactly what you want it to. You can get very detailed and advanced in what you make this robot do and how it moves. You can even program it to take pictures of people whenever the robot detects a face.

The Lego Mindstorms set is very advanced for most children. It can be very difficult for most children to put together out of the box. It comes with six hundred and one Lego pieces, which you would expect to find in most Lego sets. However, this set also comes with small connectors and motors that will turn the legos into small robots. It comes with a computer brick where you do all the programming, and get your robot to perform what you want. You can make some very elaborate robots with this Lego set. You can then hook it up to your computer, and program the robot to do complicated routines and movements. You can also do simple moves, and use your phone as a remote control for your robotic creation. You will probably need a minimum of an hour to build one of the Mindstorm robots, and then even more time to program it to your liking.

Orbotix Sphero is a robotic ball that can roll and zoom around your house. You can use your phone or tablet as a remote control, and control where the robotic ball goes and what it does. You can also program the robot to do sequence of events. You can set a fence for the robot, and tell it where it can and cannot go in a certain area. For this toy, you can do the heavy duty programming, right from your phone. You can have the robot map out a room for you, and give you the complete square footage of that room. It can then even email that information to you.

Little bits is a new toy that combines technology, with arts and crafts projects. This one may seem the most basic, but it can still do some amazing things with what comes in the set. Younger kids can use this set and start to get their feet wet with programming, and using technology to make their toys smarter. It teaches them how to program with physical pieces of equipment instead of a computer or phone. The set comes with magnetic bits that you hook together to make a basic machine. You can make things as simple as a light with a dimmer switch, or add items to existing toys and make them more complex. You can add sensor switches to toys that will turn them on or have them react to noise or light. With this set, you can take old toys and make them new again, by adding new features and making them do new things. This toy is great for children that enjoy doing arts and crafts.

All of these toys are very high tech, heavy duty, and can be expensive. They are best for children who are curious, who want to tinker, and know how things work. These toys will get the children involved in learning about how things work.