Wix vs. GoDaddy: Which is the Better Website Builder?


    Wix and GoDaddy are versatile website builders suitable for various online businesses. Wix stands out with its extensive features, making it a comprehensive choice for different needs. GoDaddy offers a simpler, faster building experience. Your preference depends on your time and energy for managing an online business, but we’ll explore Wix vs. GoDaddy’s ease of use, design, and more in this comparison. Let’s get started!

    GoDaddy vs. Wix Design

    Both Wix and GoDaddy help you make websites with tools that guide you step by step. You can let their design tools create your site by answering some questions, or you can choose a template and customize it yourself.

    Wix has lots of templates to choose from and lets you edit them with a drag-and-drop tool, but once your site is published, you can’t change templates. However, you can make multiple websites with different templates on Wix.

    GoDaddy’s website builder provides over 100 design templates for various businesses, such as fashion, home services, and nonprofits. It also includes a drag-and-drop editor, although it’s not as flexible as Wix’s. GoDaddy’s editor limits how you can place elements on your site, which might be frustrating for design experts but helpful for those with less experience. These limitations can stop you from editing your site too much, ensuring it stays visually appealing.

    GoDaddy Website Builder vs.Wix Ease of Use

    GoDaddy’s editor is straightforward and its dashboard is easy to understand, making it ideal for beginners, even those who are nervous about technology. Creating a website with GoDaddy is simple for almost anyone.

    Wix is also user-friendly, but it offers more options, like numerous design templates and features, which means users have to make more decisions about their site’s appearance and functionality. Additionally, Wix has an extensive AppMarket with over 300 third-party apps to enhance your site, adding more choices and decisions for creators. On the other hand, GoDaddy lacks an app center, so integrations with other software are limited.

    Wix vs. GoDaddy Free Plans

    Both Wix and GoDaddy have free plans, but they’re limited—you can’t sell things or have a custom domain. GoDaddy’s free plan includes basic analytics and some marketing tools. Trying their free plans gives you a peek at their site editors and dashboards. However, the features are limited. For a better idea, consider their free trials: Wix offers a 14-day trial, while GoDaddy gives you 30 days.

    Which is better when it comes to pricing? Wix or GoDaddy?

    Wix has seven paid plans, ranging from $14 to $49 per month, which might seem complex. The first step is deciding if you’ll sell anything on your site. If not, choose from the four basic plans. If you need e-commerce features, pick from the three business and e-commerce plans.

    Wix Business and E-commerce Plans

    If you want to sell things or get paid on Wix, you need one of their three business and e-commerce plans. The Wix Business VIP plan costs $49 a month, which is double the price of GoDaddy’s Commerce plan at $26.99 a month. GoDaddy’s plan includes its own payment system. Wix gives you more features for e-commerce, like handling different currencies and joining the Smile.io loyalty program.

    GoDaddy Builder Plans

    GoDaddy’s pricing is easier to understand than Wix’s. They have four plans, but only one lets you sell things online. Unlike Wix, GoDaddy doesn’t give you a free domain with its website builder. You can buy a custom domain from GoDaddy or another company. GoDaddy’s domains usually cost between 99 cents and $20, with the average .com domain at $21.99, though there’s often a discount for the first year. You can also pay $9.99 per year for domain privacy and protection.

    Most website builders make you pay extra for email marketing, but with GoDaddy, it’s included in all their paid plans. If you need more than the basics, you might have to pay extra.

    Customer Support

    Wix’s Help Center online has lots of info to help with common questions about Wix tools. They don’t have direct phone support, but you can request a call-back or email them for help. Their support is in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. Usually, they respond within 24 hours, except on weekends. They don’t have online chat.

    GoDaddy has 24/7 support through phone and online chat, which is rare among website platforms.

    Which is the better website builder: Wix vs. GoDaddy?

    Ready to build your website but unsure which platform is right for you? Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, explore the differences between Wix and GoDaddy to find the perfect fit. Dive into design, ease of use, free plans, pricing, and customer support to make an informed decision. Don’t wait—start building your online presence today!