7 Best Cities to Visit in Vietnam on Your Next Travel


    Vietnam is a land full of diverse landscapes and affordable lifestyles. Think about the busy and interesting capital called Hanoi, and also picture the peaceful rice fields on the mountains in Sapa. It’s so pretty and leaves you wondering what are the best cities to visit in Vietnam. It might be a bit hard to choose where to go.

    If you believe that only crowded cities with wild traffic are what Vietnam has, you’re mistaken. Every city and part of this diverse place has its own specialness – like nice beaches, yummy street food, lively cities, cute old towns, and even cool highlands. Vietnam really has everything.

    Still not sure? We made a list of the best cities to visit in Vietnam for you to consider adding to your travel plans!

    Top Vietnam Cities and Towns to Visit or Check Out

    Want to find the best city in Vietnam? The list below will help you out!

    Hoi An, Central Vietnam

    If you’re up for some sightseeing mixed with shopping fun, then you should really consider putting the charming UNESCO world heritage spot called Hoi An at the top of your list. It’s the best city to visit in Vietnam that has been around since the 15th century, and its ancient walls are bursting with character and a warm, yellow-brown color. People often call it the ‘Venice of the East’ because of its waterways.

    Imagine spending your afternoons taking leisurely walks by the main canal and exploring the twisty, narrow streets. These streets are full of market stalls, tailors, cafés, and small, stylish shops. You can have almost anything custom-made here, and it won’t cost you much compared to what you might pay back home. But watch out – you might end up leaving with a lot more stuff than you came with!

    Dalat, Central Highlands

    If you don’t really like getting too hot on the beach, then you should definitely consider putting Da Lat – it’s also called the ‘City of Eternal Spring’ – on your travel plan. This little mountain city is in the pretty Central Highlands, and it’s way cooler here than by the coast. You’ll be surrounded by tall pine trees, wide open fields, and places where they grow coffee.

    Lots of people from this country come here for a weekend getaway. It’s a city that’s perfect for feeling romantic, with its old French-style buildings, horse-drawn carriages, and even a tall radio tower that looks like the Eiffel Tower. But guess what? If you’re up for some excitement, this place has something for you too. People from all over the world come here to try one of the most thrilling adventures in Southeast Asia – going canyoning!

    Ninh Binh, Northern Vietnam

    Nestled in the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam is Ninh Binh. You can easily get there from Hanoi in about 1.5 hours. This town is famous for its stunning views made of pretty hills and green fields where they grow rice. It’s a great place to get a breath of fresh air, which is really different from busy Hanoi.

    People not only stay in Ninh Binh town but also visit nearby beautiful spots like Tam Coc, Hoa Lu, and Van Long. If you feel like the other place is too crowded with tourists, Ninh Binh is a really good option for you to enjoy nature in a peaceful way.

    Ha Giang

    If you’re up for a bit of a travel adventure, you can reach Ha Giang from Hanoi. It’s about 300 km away and takes around 6 hours on a bus. This place is all about exploration. In this highland area, you’ll find villages covered in fog where local ethnic groups live, rocky mountains that look like they’re made of karst, and some really impressive (but very steep) mountain paths.

    Ha Giang is full of hidden treasures. Many of them are hard to reach, but if you do some research, you can find a way. Some places we really like are the beautiful rice fields in Hoang Su Phi and the Lung Cu Flag Tower, which is the tallest flag tower in the whole country.


    Sapa is a place that the French set up as a Hill Station back in 1922. This spot is like the main place for tourists in the mountainous north. It’s famous for the amazing rice terraces that stick to the steep hills. Around here, there are different groups of people, like the Red Dao and Black Hmong. They still wear their special traditional clothes, and each village has its own style.

    You can spend your days exploring the area on lots of hiking paths. And if you want more of a challenge, you can try to conquer Mount Fansipan. It’s the tallest mountain in Indochina, going up to 3,143 meters. But if that sounds like too much work, you can still enjoy the fantastic views. Just take a ride on the Fansipan Legend cable car – it’s said to be the highest and longest one in the whole world.


    You should check out Hue if you want a glimpse of Vietnam’s history when it was ruled by emperors. This place used to be the capital from 1802 to 1945 when the Nguyen Dynasty was in power. After a war with America, this dynasty ended. The city is on the Perfume River and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The big attraction here is The Imperial City, which has lots of temples, museums, and pavilions. You can easily spend a whole day exploring it.

    If you’re traveling between Da Nang or Hoi An and Hue, there’s something cool to try: the Hai Van Pass. It’s a super nice mountain road with lots of twisty turns. Along the way, you’ll see amazing views of empty beaches and hills covered in mist. You might have seen this road on Top Gear – they called it one of the best coastal roads in the world in their Vietnam episode. You can rent a motorbike and do it yourself or hop on an ‘Easy Rider’ tour as a passenger.

    Nha Trang

    If you’re into beaches, here’s another choice for you! Similar to Da Nang, Nha Trang is a sunny city with a super long 7km beach. The sand is really nice, and the water is clear. There’s also a bay here with 19 islands. But Nha Trang has more than just beaches. It’s where you can find the super cool Vinwonders Amusement Park, which is like Vietnam’s own Disneyland. You can get to it from the mainland using the world’s longest cable car.

    Inside Vinwonders, there’s an awesome water park, a huge ferris wheel, a place with lots of fish tanks called an aquarium, bumper cars, a slide that goes down a hill, a really long zip line that’s 880 meters, and even more stuff. If you stay until it gets dark, you can see their water fountain show with music and lights, and they light up a castle too.

    Build Your Itinerary with the Best Cities to Visit in Vietnam

    Discover the rich tapestry of Vietnam’s landscapes and cultures as you explore a range of incredible cities. Picture yourself in bustling Hanoi or imagine the serene beauty of Sapa’s mountainous rice terraces. Visualize the charm of Hoi An’s UNESCO heritage streets, the cool allure of Da Lat’s highlands, the natural wonders of Ninh Binh, the untamed exploration of Ha Giang, and the regal history of Hue.

    Don’t miss the beach paradise of Nha Trang with its Vinwonders Amusement Park. These cities offer unique experiences, from culture to adventure, all waiting for you to discover. Craft your perfect itinerary by adding the best cities to visit in Vietnam to your travel plans today!