Explore the Best Cities in Ireland: Diverse Sceneries


    Ireland is a place many want to visit. When folks think of Ireland, they may picture lovely Irish road trips with beautiful sights and even a sheep or two on the road. However, the country is also filled with scenic cities. In this article, we’ll check out the best cities in Ireland to visit as a traveler. Learn more about these great cities and why you should explore its urban parts during your journey.

    Best Cities to Visit in Ireland

    Ireland has some of the most beautiful cities, and although there are many nice towns in Ireland, cities are quite different. In the following paragraphs, you’ll get an introduction to the popular cities in Ireland, such as Belfast, Dublin, Derry, Waterford, and others.

    Belfast City

    Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland and where the government meets, has more than 345,418 residents. It has moved past its tough times and is proud of its history.

    It was not only the largest maker of linen worldwide but also where Harland and Wolff, the world’s largest shipyard, operated. They built the famous but unfortunate RMS Titanic, which is now honored in the Titanic Museum and Memorial Garden by the waterfront.

    This old city is full of important places, museums, and historic buildings, including the City Hall with a big dome from the Victorian era, the impressive Belfast Castle, and the grand Stormont Castle.


    Waterford, a city that the Vikings started more than 1000 years ago, is the oldest city in Ireland. It has the biggest collection of protective towers and old walls in the country. Waterford used to be a very important city in Ireland. The Viking Triangle in the heart of the city is a very interesting place to explore. At the top of the Triangle, you can find Reginald’s Tower, which is the oldest government building in the country. Inside, there’s the most complete Viking Exhibition in Ireland.

    Inside the Triangle is Christchurch Cathedral, which was built where a church from the 11th century used to stand, and it’s where Strongbow and Aoife got married. Strongbow was an Anglo-Norman who led an invasion of Ireland and became the King of Leinster through his wife. Many people want to visit the House of Waterford Crystal, but here’s a little secret: they don’t make it in Ireland anymore. Nowadays, artisans from Eastern Europe create this famous crystal ware.


    Derry is a city in Ireland that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves, even though it has many cool things to see and is close to the beautiful Antrim Coast.

    After they built the Peace Bridge and developed the waterfront, this is now the second biggest city in Northern Ireland, with about 93,000 people living there. It’s a city that’s proud of its history, even the tough parts.

    The old city walls from the 17th century, the Bogside murals, and the Hunger Strike Memorial are all important things in this city. Plus, there’s a growing music scene here, which makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Ireland.


    When you come to Ireland, you’ll probably start your journey in Dublin, one of the best cities here. There’s so much to do in Dublin, so it’s a good idea to spend a few days exploring before you move on to your next destination.

    Once you’re in Dublin, you should definitely check out the Guinness Storehouse. It’s always ranked as one of the top places to visit in Europe. The Guinness Storehouse lets you see the history of Guinness and how they make it. At the end of the tour, you can have a pint of Guinness at the Gravity Bar, which has fantastic views of the city all around.

    If you’re in the mood for another drink, go to Bow Street and visit the Jameson Distillery to taste their famous whiskey. In the evening, you can go to the Temple Bar area and visit one of the local pubs, like the famous Temple Bar itself. The drinks here can be a bit expensive, and it’s quite touristy, but it’s a lot of fun. You can stop by for just one drink before going to a more local pub.


    Galway could be the best city to visit in Ireland if you want both city fun and country adventures (you can easily get to Connemara from here).

    When you head to Galway City in the west, you’ll find a creative and artsy place with colorful shop fronts. This unique city has more than 83,456 people living here in the quieter part of Ireland, and you’ll be charmed by it.

    In 2020, it was the European Capital of Culture and it still hosts lots of festivals and events that come from its lively way of life. Inside the old town walls, you’ll come across street performers, lively bars, and cozy cafes where you can enjoy the famous Galway Bay oysters.


    Armagh has been a significant religious center since the 5th century, and it only became a city in 2012 during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

    It’s still an important place for religion in Ireland and the headquarters for the leaders of both the Catholic and Protestant (Church of Ireland) faiths, and both cathedrals are named after Saint Patrick!

    Some interesting places to visit are the Armagh Planetarium and Observatory, which is in a fancy Georgian building, and the Armagh County Museum, which is the oldest county museum in Ireland.

    Explore the Best Cities in Ireland for an Unforgettable Adventure

    Discover the charm and diversity of Ireland’s cities, from the vibrant history of Belfast and the ancient heritage of Waterford to the hidden gems of Derry and the lively streets of Dublin. Experience the artistic vibes of Galway and explore the religious significance of Armagh. Whether you’re into history, culture, or just a good time, Ireland’s cities have it all. Start your journey and explore these fantastic places, each offering its unique allure. Plan your visit today and experience the warmth and hospitality that makes Ireland a must-visit destination!