How to deal with flight delays

How to deal with flight delays

No one likes flight delays. They are a huge inconvenience and can be downright annoying. Whether it is due to weather, malfunctions or strikes, flight delays are a negative aspect of traveling. The best thing to do when a delay occurs is to stay calm and know how to deal with the situation. With the right knowledge there are things that can be done to improve this unfortunate event and take some of the stress out of a delay. Here is how to deal with flight delays.

First, you want to prepare for any possible problems that can arise at the airport. Start by making sure you have all of your travel information with you such as the number of your travel agent as well as flight numbers. Also bring along a book, magazine or music player to keep you busy along with your cell phone. If traveling with children, bring a few of their toys that will help keep them occupied if a delay occurs. When traveling with babies keep formula and bottles in your carry on.

Initially, before you depart to the airport and later discover that there has been a delay, check the status of your flight before you leave. If you are notified of a delay you can contact the airline for further information. Checking the weather is also a good idea. If weather conditions are bad, for example ice conditions and stormy weather, flights will probably be affected. Also remember to check for natural problems that may affect your flight as well. If no delays are mentioned and weather conditions are good you can head to the airport.

For those who learn of a flight delay upon arriving at the airport, ask how long of a delay is expected. Depending on the situation you may have to return home or make other accommodations if away from home. It is also best to determine if your connecting flight will be missed, if applicable. If so, contact an airline representative about getting on another flight. Also take the time to visit the baggage desk to learn about procedures during delays. After the important things have been taken care of, make yourself comfortable and wait to board your flight.

In cases in which further flight delays occur and rerouting is required, begin by looking for other flight options. Ask the airline to re-book you on another flight. Airlines may also endorse your ticket to another airline. When rerouting be sure to maintain a positive attitude and avoid being rude. Being nice and taking the time to explain your situation will produce better results. When having your flight re-booked, talk to your travel agent if you used one and call your travel insurance insurance company if you purchased insurance. They can help with the process of re-booking. More than likely they have access to more information. After re-booking, contact and notify those expecting you that there has been a change in plans.

By far the worst flight delay to deal with is when you are actually stuck on the plane. If you find yourself in this situation it is important to remain calm and relaxed. During this type of delay agitation builds among passengers and the environment soon becomes very uncomfortable. In order to deal just focus on staying hydrated and cool, find a distraction and maybe spark up a positive conversation with another passenger. At this time, attitude matters. When asking about the progress of the flight or anything else remember that your needs are no more important than anyone else’s. Being rude and demanding will not help the situation. It will only make it worse.

Overall, dealing with a delay is annoying but not as challenging as you may think. Before you leave for the airport prepare for any possible problems and check for any delays. If you discover that your flight has been delayed upon arrival, take the steps needed to get to your destination. No matter what happens remain calm and polite. When you stay relaxed you will be able to sort out the problem more efficiently and decide on what you will do next. All in all, when you know how to deal with a flight delay it is much less stressful.