Top 13 of the Best Paying Online Programs

    best paying online degrees

    Lots of people like online degree programs because they let you manage your time flexibly. You can often keep working while you study to follow the career you want. Some programs let you learn at your own speed, while others give more direction. In this article, we’ve listed online degrees based on the kind of degree they are. These online programs can help you get into jobs that pay well.


    Graphic design

    People in a graphic design program might learn how to use computer programs and tools for designing, as well as the best ways to design things. They usually study topics like drawing, making portfolios, testing designs with users, and how to present their work well. A job you might get with this degree is being a graphic designer, which pays around $47,169 each year.



    An online degree that pays well is paralegal. In this program, you’ll take classes on things like being professional, researching for legal work, understanding civil procedures, and contracts. Throughout the program, you’ll learn how to write legal documents and go over transcripts and other papers to understand legal rules and court procedures better. Some schools might let you pick a specialty, focusing on a specific area of law you’re interested in. With this degree, you could work as a paralegal, making around $48,320 a year.


    Medical office administration

    The medical office administration program can set you up for a good job with chances to move up in the healthcare field. In this program, you’ll learn how to do things like entering data, billing, setting schedules, talking well, and using medical terms. After you finish the program, you could work as a medical secretary, making about $50,389 a year.


    Hospitality management

    Studying hospitality management opens doors to jobs in places like hotels, restaurants, and spas. In this program, you might learn about food safety, managing money, tourism, dealing with people, and leading teams. Being in this program helps you get better at helping customers, talking with others, and staying organized, which all helps you do well in your job. After the program, you might work as a general manager, making about $54,672 every year.


    Technical communication

    In a technical communication degree program, you’ll study writing, editing, making visuals, and publishing. These skills help you explain technical stuff in a way that’s clear for the people you’re talking to. With this degree, you can land a job in different fields, like healthcare or logistics. After graduating, you might work as a technical writer, making about $57,824 each year.


    Public relations

    One of the best-paying online degrees is public relations. Getting a degree in this career path is great if you want to help a company look good to the public. In this program, you’ll learn about handling tough situations, talking well, dealing with media, understanding customers, and managing projects. You might need to do some real-world learning while you’re in college, but there are lots of online programs for this degree. With this degree, you could work as a public relations manager, making about $58,835 every year.



    Jobs in finance are all about understanding money and how to handle it wisely, and that’s what you’ll learn in this degree program. You’ll study things like managing investments, analyzing credit, planning finances, and lending money. These courses help you learn a lot about finance, so you can come up with smart plans for your clients after you graduate. With this degree, you could work as a financial planner, earning about $66,204 every year.



    If you’re an expert in online marketing, then one of the easiest online degrees that pay well is any online marketing course. Having a marketing degree helps you learn how people buy things and make plans to sell products. You’ll study topics like advertising, business marketing, understanding customers, and using the Internet for marketing. Usually, you’ll need to do a big project at the end of your degree, often in a real marketing job. With this degree, you could become a marketing manager, making around $69,247 a year.


    Human resource management

    In this major, you’ll study things like how people behave, making sure workers do well, doing things right, teaching employees, and how they get paid. You’ll also learn about laws at work and how to handle problems fairly. With this bachelor’s degree, you’ll be ready to deal with important stuff like keeping workers safe, making them happy, and managing their benefits. After graduating, you might work as a human resources manager, making about $70,677 a year.



    Lots of companies want to keep their digital assets safe, like proprietary company information or private customer data. That’s why a degree in cybersecurity opens up a ton of job options. In this program, you’ll take classes on things like how computer networks work, computer programming, and how to keep operating systems safe. With this degree, you could work as an information security analyst, making about $94,837 every year.


    Business administration

    Studying business administration in college gets you ready for different jobs, like marketing, human resources, running things, or handling information systems, depending on what you focus on. With this degree, you’ll take classes on things like doing business right, making smart plans, and managing resources well. This degree opens up lots of different career paths for you. After graduating, you might work as a compensation manager, making about $108,537 a year.


    Market research

    When company owners know what makes their products and services successful, it’s good for everyone involved. People with a degree in market research can give them this info, so they can make smart choices to boost sales and make their brand better known. In this program, you’ll learn about research, marketing, talking to people, and advertising. With this degree, you could work as a research analyst, making about $70,922 each year.


    Database management

    In a master’s degree program for database management, you might study things like cloud computing, computer coding, finding useful data, and making databases. After you finish school, you can use these skills to help companies set up and look after their important databases. With this degree, you could work as a database administrator, earning about $97,485 each year.


    Find Online Programs that Give You Jobs that Pay Well

    Explore online degree programs today to open doors to rewarding careers in fields like graphic design, paralegal studies, medical office administration, and more. With flexible schedules and diverse course offerings, you can pave the way for a successful future while balancing your other commitments. Don’t wait—start your journey towards a fulfilling career path now!