The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Swimwear: Best Colors for Safety and Colors to Avoid

    As summer arrives, bringing warmer weather with it, families are excited to spend time at beaches, pools, and other bodies of water. It’s a season filled with fun and relaxation, especially for kids who love playing in the water. For parents, the happiness and safety of their children during these outings are incredibly important. A key aspect of ensuring safety is choosing the right swimsuit, something that might seem simple but can have a big impact. 

    According to the American Red Cross, drowning is the second most common cause of accidental deaths in children between 1 to 14 years old, only behind car accidents. This alarming fact highlights how crucial it is to keep a close watch on kids while they swim, make sure they know how to swim, and choose swimwear that enhances their visibility in the water.

    Why the Color of the Swimsuit Matters

    Picking the color of a swimsuit isn’t just about style or what you like best—it plays a big role in keeping swimmers safe and easy to see. Bright and neon colors are good at making sure swimmers stand out in the water. Here are some top color picks for swimwear and why they’re great choices:

    Neon Orange

    This bright color isn’t only for safety vests; it’s also perfect for swimwear because it’s super visible. Whether it’s bright daylight or getting darker in the evening, neon orange helps make sure swimmers can be seen clearly from a distance. It’s especially good because it stands out against the natural colors of water environments.

    Bright Yellow

    This color is hard to miss! Bright yellow swimsuits pop against the blues and greens of the sea, lakes, and pools. It catches your eye right away, which means parents and lifeguards can easily keep track of swimmers. The sharp contrast with the water means you can quickly spot someone, which is important if someone needs help.

    Lime Green

    Just as eye-catching as neon orange, lime green makes swimmers stand out. It works great in both pool water and natural settings, creating a clear difference from the water’s natural colors. This makes it a lot easier to notice swimmers at a glance.

    Neon Pink

    Neon pink is bright in pool settings, making it another good choice for being visible. In natural water, it might not stand out as much, but in clear conditions and under sunlight, it still does well. It’s a fun color that combines style with safety.

    Choosing swimwear in these colors can make a big difference in spotting and keeping an eye on swimmers, especially kids, when they’re in big water areas. These bright swimsuits act like safety signals, improving safety by making it easier for parents, lifeguards, and others to see swimmers.

    Colors to Avoid in Swimwear

    While bright and neon colors are recommended for their visibility, certain colors should be avoided due to their tendency to blend in with the water, potentially compromising safety. Here’s a closer look at these colors and why they might not be the best choice:


    It might surprise you, but white swimwear can be hard to spot in the water. This is because white can look a lot like the sun’s reflections on the water or even like clouds. This makes it tricky to see someone wearing white, as it blends in with the shiny surface of the water.

    Light Blue

    Light blue might seem perfect for swimwear because it matches the water. However, that’s exactly why it’s not a great choice. In pools, especially, light blue swimsuits can blend right in with the water, making it hard to keep an eye on swimmers.

    Dark Colors (Black, Dark Blue, and Dark Green)

    You might think darker swimsuits would stand out against the water, but they can actually make swimmers harder to see. These colors can look like shadows or things under the water, blending swimmers into the background instead of making them stand out.


    Pastel colors are pretty and soft, perfect for sunny days. But in the water, their light tones don’t offer much contrast with the surroundings. Whether it’s in a pool or a natural body of water, pastels can make it difficult to quickly spot swimmers.

    Making Swimming Safer: Swim Skills and the Right Swimwear

    Picking bright and colorful swimwear is a smart move to help keep an eye on your loved ones in the water, but there’s more you can do to ensure everyone stays safe. Teaching kids how to swim well and sharing important tips about avoiding drowning are key steps towards peace of mind during water activities.

    Swimming lessons aren’t just about fun; they equip children with crucial skills that could one day save their lives. These lessons also teach adults and kids alike how to stay calm in the water and use strategies like floating to stay safe if they find themselves in trouble. Knowing what to do in different water settings, from pools to beaches, adds another layer of safety.

    So, remember, combining the safety net of easily seen swimwear with solid swimming skills and a good understanding of water safety can make all the difference. It’s all about ensuring that time spent in or around water is as safe as it is enjoyable for everyone.