Everything You Need to Know About Awnings: Types and Inspiration for Your Home

    everything you need about awnings

    When summer hits full swing, finding a bit of shade isn’t just about comfort—it’s really important. The hot sun can make it much warmer and increase the risk of getting too much UV light, which is why having a spot of shade nearby is great. Thinking about putting up an awning at home could be a smart move to get that much-needed cover from the sun. 

    Awnings aren’t new; they’ve been around since the time of ancient Egypt and Syria, used for both their usefulness and looks. There was even a recent survey showing that homes with awnings were up to 20% cooler inside than those without them. That’s a big plus! Adding an awning can make your outdoor area nicer to hang out in, even when it’s really hot outside. But, before you decide to get one, it’s a good idea to think about what kind of awning fits your place best. You’ll want to consider its style, what it’s made of, and how it works.

    What is an Awning?

    An awning is like a cover attached to the outside of a house, often over windows, doors, or patios. It’s there to shield from the sun and rain, kind of like giving your home its shade.

    Why Awnings are Good for Your House

    • Protection: They keep the harsh weather away, making inside your home cooler and more comfortable.
    • Saves Money: With less sun heating up your house, you might find yourself using the air conditioning less.
    • Makes Outdoor Spaces Better: Awnings create shaded spots outdoors so you can enjoy being outside more without worrying about too much sun.
    • Keeps Things Looking New: They help stop your furniture and floors from fading by blocking some of the sun’s rays.

    Common Features in Awnings

    • Retractable Awnings: These can be rolled out or pulled back whenever you want, which is handy for changing weather.
    • Stationary Awnings: These stay put all the time, providing constant shade and protection.
    • Motorized Awnings: With just a button press, these awnings move in or out, making them super convenient.
    • Portable Awnings: You can move these around to where you need them, making them great for parties or temporary setups.
    • Window and Door Awnings: Perfect for smaller areas, they focus on protecting specific parts of your house and can also add a nice touch to your home’s appearance.

    What Awnings Are Made Of

    When you’re thinking about adding an awning to your home, you’ll find they can be made from different stuff. Each material has its own set of perks, and the cost can vary, so it’s good to think about what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend.

    Types of Materials for Awnings

    • Fabric: This includes options like canvas or acrylic. Fabric awnings are nice because you can pick from lots of colors and designs. They’re pretty good at providing shade but might need more care and might not last as long as some other materials.
    • Aluminum: These awnings are tough and don’t need much looking after. They’re good if you want something that lasts a long time and can stand up to rain and sun. They’re usually more expensive, but you won’t have to replace them often.
    • Vinyl: Vinyl is used to make awnings waterproof and is often mixed with other materials. It’s a good option if you live in a place that gets a lot of rain. Vinyl is usually less expensive but doesn’t come in as many colors.
    • Polycarbonate: This material is strong and blocks UV rays while still letting some light through. It’s perfect if you want protection without making things too dark. Polycarbonate is on the pricier side but is effective and durable.

    Thinking About Cost and What You Like

    The price of awnings changes based on what they’re made from, how big they are, and whether you get them custom-made. Materials like aluminum and polycarbonate are more costly but also last longer and need less care. Fabric awnings might be cheaper right away and give you more choices for looks, but you might need to replace them sooner.

    When picking the material for your awning, consider the weather where you live. If there’s a lot of sun, you might want something that blocks UV light. For rainy places, go for something waterproof. Also, think about how you want your awning to look, since the material will affect its style.

    Different Kinds of Awnings for Your House

    Awnings can change how your house looks and works. Whether you need shade, want to keep your house cooler, or just want to make the outdoor space nicer, there’s an awning for that. Here’s a quick look at the types you can choose from:

    Retractable Awnings

    Design and Functionality: These awnings can move in and out, so you can have shade when you want it and sun when you don’t. They can be manual, which means you use a hand crank to open and close them, or motorized, where you press a button to do it.

    Good For: Homes where you might want to switch between sun and shade throughout the day. It’s handy if you like having options.

    Stationary Awnings

    Design and Functionality: Once these are up, they stay put. They’re strong and can handle a bit of weight from things like snow or rainwater.

    Good For: Spots where you always want some cover, like over a patio or in front of windows and doors. It’s great for setting up a permanent, shady area outside.

    Portable Awnings

    Design and Functionality: These are light and can be moved around wherever you need them. They’re perfect for when you need shade on the go or for a special event.

    Good For: People who like to change things up or might need an awning for different occasions but don’t want it out all the time.

    Motorized Awnings

    Design and Functionality: Like retractable awnings but even easier because a motor does the work. Some even come with sensors to automatically pull back if the weather turns bad.

    Good For: Anyone who likes technical solutions and wants the easiest way to get shade without any hassle.

    Window and Door Awnings

    Design and Functionality: These are made to fit right over your windows and doors, blocking the sun and rain from getting in, which helps keep your home cooler and protects your stuff inside from sun damage.

    Good For: Adding a nice touch to your house’s look while also keeping it cooler and protecting your indoor spaces from too much sun.

    Picking the Best One for Your House

    Think about what you need the awning for and how you want it to look with your home. Whether you’re going for something that’s more about function, like keeping the sun out, or you just want your outdoor area to feel cozier, there’s an awning type out there that will fit what you’re looking for.