11 Project Management Software for Marketing Tasks

    best marketing project management tools

    Marketing project management software helps marketing teams manage campaigns and projects better. It provides tools to make work easier. The best software combines regular project management with special features for marketing, and it’s not too expensive. We’ve looked at different options, ranked them, and pointed out their best features. This helps you pick the right one for your needs.

    The Best Project Management Tools for Marketing

    Below is our carefully curated list of the best project management systems for marketing projects:


    ClickUp is a great tool for marketing teams. It helps plan projects, collaborate, and keep track of time. With its simple design and useful features, it’s easy to use. Plus, it offers different plans, including a free one for unlimited users. You can organize your work, track progress with visual dashboards, and manage content and events all in one place. It’s rated as the top choice for marketing project management.



    Hive is a tool for marketing teams to work together, whether they’re in the office or remotely. It helps manage tasks, automate workflows, and communicate instantly. You can brainstorm with Hive Notes and keep track of workloads with the Resourcing app. Upgrading to the paid plan gives you more views, goal tracking, project dashboards, and automatic notes from video meetings. There’s even an AI assistant to help with marketing content. You can also get extras like timesheets and team resourcing for a bit extra.



    Teamwork is a tool made for agencies, especially marketing ones dealing with client work. It’s good for managing ongoing campaigns. There’s a free version for small teams and a trial for the paid plans. It has regular project management stuff plus agency-specific tools like time tracking and client views, but some are only in the top tier. It’s helpful for agencies handling lots of client projects, even with some limits.



    Asana stands out as one of the best marketing project management tools designed for bigger companies needing collaboration across sales, marketing, service, and operations departments. It provides strong tools, empowering marketing teams to plan, execute, and achieve impactful strategies. With Asana, teams collaborate seamlessly, automate approvals, and enhance overall efficiency. You can set and track company goals, manage resources, balance team workload, and handle multiple cross-department projects effortlessly thanks to its powerful features.



    Notion offers a versatile workspace with robust project management tools called “blocks” that let you create custom project boards, road maps, checklists, and calendars. You can filter and sort data easily and you can automate workflows for efficiency. Its interface resembles a blank document page, allowing you to add various customizable blocks to meet your needs. Organize projects with nested subpages and customize features. With nearly 80 integrations, Notion can be tailored to fit your marketing project management needs precisely.


    Zoho Projects

    Zoho Projects, from the Zoho business productivity platform, offers project management features like project feeds, task management, workflow automation, and portfolio dashboards for handling several marketing projects concurrently. What sets Zoho Projects apart is its integration with other Zoho products, enabling a seamless business experience. Connect it with tools like Zoho Sprints for Agile project management or Zoho Desk for customer support ticket handling, though additional costs may apply for these integrations.


    Toggl Plan

    Toggl offers three solutions: Toggl Track, Toggl Plan, and Toggl Hire. Toggl Plan’s visual roadmaps are great for handling change when using spreadsheets for multiple projects becomes overwhelming. Enjoy custom color-coding for project stages, manage resource allocation with team timelines, tailor task statuses to your teamwork needs, and automate repetitive tasks with recurring tasks.



    Next up on our list is Monday, a project planning tool perfect for teams to sync up on key tasks. Whether it’s marketing agencies or teams needing live updates, Monday lets you craft project dashboards for smoother communication. With features like unlimited boards and documents in the free plan, customizable project views, automatic time tracking, and project intake forms, tracking marketing projects becomes a breeze.



    Wrike project management software is perfect for small marketing agencies seeking an adaptable workspace for coordinating shared calendars, scheduling projects, and seamless collaboration. With Wrike, approvers can hasten feedback using its visual markup tool. Plus, it offers a Kanban board for clear task visibility, time tracking to compare estimated versus actual time spent, and custom task statuses to manage marketing campaigns efficiently.


    Trello, from the Atlassian software family, simplifies task management with its Kanban tool consisting of key components like boards, cards, lists, and menus. Teams can progress their work using custom card and board buttons. With features like no-code automation through Butler for saving time on admin tasks, advanced checklists for detailed assignments, easy project setup, and organization options like tags and labels, Trello streamlines task processes efficiently.



    Basecamp is a tool that helps manage projects and team communication. It stores files, organizes tasks, and allows group chats. You can make to-do lists and message boards for working together easily. It also has features like Hill charts to track project progress and a client portal for clients to see tasks. Plus, you can save drafts before publishing. It connects with ClickUp through Zapier for extra features.


    Choose the Top Project Management Tools for Marketing Applications

    Ready to boost your marketing project management? Check out our list of top tools, designed just for marketing teams. They offer versatile workspaces, easy collaboration, and powerful features like visual roadmaps and automated workflows. Whether you’re a small agency or a big company, you’ll find the perfect fit to streamline your projects and get results. Pick the right tool today and amp up your marketing!