What To Do When Your Wireless Charger Keep Pausing? Why This Happens?

    Why Does My Wireless Charger Keep Pausing? What To Do?

    Undoubtedly, wireless charging has revolutionized the manner in which we energize our gadgets, presenting a convenient remedy that eradicates the necessity for entangled cables and connectors. Placing your smartphone on a wireless charging pad and watching it recharge automatically is a convenience we’ve all come to appreciate. However, amidst the convenience, there can be moments of frustration when your wireless charger suddenly pauses. This common occurrence prompts the question: Why does your wireless charger keep pausing? What causes this interruption, and more importantly, what can you do about it? In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of wireless charging and explore the reasons behind the “wireless charging paused” message, along with practical solutions to address this issue.

    What is Wireless Charging?

    Before delving into the reasons behind wireless charger pausing, let’s quickly review what wireless charging is and how it functions. Wireless charging, often referred to as Qi charging, is a revolutionary technology that enables devices like smartphones to be charged without the need for physical cables. This is made possible through electromagnetic coils present in both the wireless charger and the device being charged. When these coils are aligned, energy is transferred from one coil to the other, facilitating the charging process.

    How does It work?

    Wireless charging operates through the principle of electromagnetic induction. Within the charging pad or stand, a coiled wire produces an alternating magnetic field when an electric current passes through it. This magnetic field acts as a conduit for transmitting energy. When you position your device on the charging pad, it must possess a receiver coil integrated within it.

    This receiver coil senses the magnetic field generated by the charging pad, generating an electric current that is then transformed into direct current (DC) to facilitate the charging of the device’s battery. However, despite the simplicity of the process, there can be instances when the charging process suddenly halts, displaying the “wireless charging paused” message.

    Why Does My Wireless Charger Keep Pausing?

    The frustration of encountering a “wireless charging paused” message is not uncommon, and understanding the underlying factors can provide valuable insights into resolving the issue. Here’s a deeper look into each of the common reasons behind this interruption:

    Incompatible or Misaligned Charger

    One of the main reasons for encountering the “wireless charging paused” notification is utilizing a wireless charger that is either incompatible or improperly aligned. Not all wireless chargers are created equal, and the technology landscape is diverse, with different charging standards and compatibility requirements. Devices conform to different wireless charging norms like Qi or PMA. Using a charger that doesn’t align with your device’s specific standard can hinder the charging process.

    Furthermore, proper alignment is crucial for effective wireless charging. The charging coils within the charger and the device need to be in precise alignment for energy transfer to occur seamlessly. A misaligned charger can lead to an insufficient connection, causing the charging process to pause.

    Interference from Metal Objects

    Wireless charging relies on electromagnetic induction, a process that involves the creation of magnetic fields for energy transfer. However, metal objects, including magnets, can significantly interfere with these fields. If you place your device on a charging pad while metal objects like coins, keys, or magnetic cases are present, they can disrupt the electromagnetic waves required for wireless charging. The result is the “wireless charging paused” message as the charging process is impeded.


    Charging, whether wired or wireless, generates heat as a natural byproduct. During wireless charging, the device and the charger can become warm due to energy transfer and conversion. To prevent potential damage from overheating, devices are equipped with temperature sensors that trigger overheating-prevention mechanisms. When the device or charger reaches a certain temperature threshold, the charging process may pause temporarily until the temperature lowers to a safe level. This safety feature ensures that both the device and the charger remain within optimal temperature ranges.

    Software Glitch

    In the digital realm, software glitches and compatibility issues can affect various aspects of device functionality, including wireless charging. A bug in the device’s firmware or an app/operating system update can potentially disrupt the charging process, leading to the “wireless charging paused” message. In such cases, restarting the device or updating its firmware can often rectify the glitch and restore normal charging operation.

    What Can I Do When This Happens?

    When confronted with the frustration of a “wireless charging paused” message, consider the following steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

    Why Does My Wireless Charger Keep Pausing? What To Do?

    1. Check Charger Compatibility

    Verify that the wireless charger you’re using is compatible with your device’s specific charging standards. While Qi-certified chargers generally ensure compatibility, it’s advisable to use a charger designed explicitly for your device model. This reduces the risk of encountering compatibility-related interruptions.

    2. Remove Metal Objects

    Clear the charging area of any potential metallic interference. Check for coins, keys, or magnetic attachments that might inadvertently obstruct the energy transfer process. A clear charging area can eliminate interruptions caused by metal objects absorbing or blocking electromagnetic waves.

    3. Ensure Proper Alignment

    Accurate alignment plays a vital role in maintaining uninterrupted wireless charging. Ensure that your device is correctly positioned on the charging pad to guarantee direct contact between the charging coils in both the device and the charger. This alignment enables efficient energy transfer and prevents the charging process from pausing due to a weak connection.

    4. Restart or Reset

    For software-related issues, restarting your device can often alleviate glitches that lead to the “wireless charging paused” message. For more intricate scenarios, contemplate resetting the wireless charging preferences on your device. This process can help refresh the wireless charging functionality and eliminate any temporary software disruptions.

    Would I Need A New Wireless Charger?

    In the majority of cases, encountering a “wireless charging paused” message doesn’t necessarily indicate a faulty charger that needs replacement. Instead, it’s an opportunity to troubleshoot and address the underlying causes. By investigating charger compatibility, removing potential sources of interference, ensuring proper alignment, and addressing software glitches, you can often restore the wireless charging functionality without the need for a new charger.

    Remember that the intricacies of wireless charging technology, along with the dynamic interactions between devices and chargers, can contribute to interruptions. By taking proactive steps to diagnose and rectify the issue, you can continue to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without disruptions and confidently navigate the occasional “wireless charging paused” hiccup.

    There Are Fixes Available for Wireless Chargers Pausing

    In conclusion, while the “wireless charging paused” message can be frustrating, it’s important to understand that this issue has potential fixes. From ensuring charger compatibility and removing metal objects to proper alignment and addressing software glitches, there are practical steps you can take to resolve the interruption. By troubleshooting the issue and making necessary adjustments, you can continue to enjoy the convenience of wireless charging without any disruptions.

    In a world where wireless technology has brought about remarkable changes in how we interact with our devices, troubleshooting challenges like “wireless charging paused” ensures that our charging experience remains as seamless as possible.